Homeowner Hacks: 3 Affordable Kitchen Renovation Ideas

By Alex Long

Posted on October 3rd, 2022
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Looking for affordable ways to update your kitchen? You’ve got options! Keep reading to learn about three easy and affordable ways you can modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Resurface your kitchen cabinets

If you don’t want to change your cabinets completely, resurface them to give them new life!

You’ll have to take off the doors and remove any varnish or paint. Once your cupboards are bare, you can stain the wood or use paint or varnish to refresh your kitchen style.

If you are already pretty satisfied with the color of your cabinets, consider adding hardware or replacing outdated knobs and pulls with shiny, new pieces. Just updating hinges and handles is cheap and can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your space!

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Consider laminate flooring

Outdated floors can make a whole room look and feel… well, old! If you’re thinking about flooring, you’ve got lots of high-quality options that will make a huge impact without being a huge expense.

You may love ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, but the price tag can leave you feeling defeated. Don’t worry! Quality laminate or synthetic flooring can be just as stunning and much less expensive.

Laminate wood planks that are easy to install yourself come in almost any style imaginable — and they look just like the real deal. Bamboo flooring is also affordable and can be made to look like solid hardwood.

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Paint your appliances

Old appliances in “fun” colors that were trendy twenty (or more!) years ago can really age your kitchen. This is especially true if the original paint is flaking, rusting, or yellowing. If you’ve got a fridge or stove that’s in good working order but needs to be brought up to date, you can simply paint it and make it look new again!

Make sure that you purchase the right paint, and you give yourself enough time to get the job done.

As a money-conscious homeowner, you can make plenty of renovations to your kitchen on a budget. In addition to the ideas listed above, consider making small changes that update the overall feel of the space — like updating faded outlet covers or adding modern hardware to your drawers and cupboards. Happy renovating!

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