Homeowner Hacks: 5 Organization Tips You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

By Home Bay

Posted on August 4th, 2017

Good home organization not only prevents clutter, but also enables you to easily find things so you don’t spend extra time looking for them. Keep reading to learn five easy, effective, and affordable home storage tips that’ll help you keep your space looking great and clutter-free!


  1. Use a CD rack to store container lids:
    We’ve all got that box full of containers, half of them missing lids, suddenly taking up valuable real estate in our kitchen cabinets.


    Photo source: Pinterest
    With how much our media consumption has shifted to digital, why not make that CD rack left over from the 90s useful and organize your container lids?

  2. Get more space out of your garage with ceiling storage:
    Standards-and-brackets shelves and freestanding shelving units are great for adding more space and organization to your bedroom or living room.


    Photo Source: Adam DIY on YouTube

    But when it comes to the heavy-duty stuff you keep in your garage, ceiling-mounted racks can prevent you from tripping over bikes, auto parts, and other bulky items you don’t want to store in other parts of your home.

  3. Use small containers to optimize kitchen and bathroom storage:

    sink storage

    Sometimes it pays to think outside the box!

    Photo source: Scholarship Tips AZ

    All those neat desk organizers like pencil cups, file baskets, and so on actually work brilliantly for storing little items in your kitchen and bathroom that you keep knocking off the sink or don’t want to put in the cabinets.

  4. Organize your underthings and socks with PVC pipe:
    You’d be surprised at how much dresser drawer space your underwear, socks, and other small items can take up and trick you into thinking you need a bigger dresser than your room can hold.


    Photo source: Infarranly Creative
    Use PVC pipe to organize things by size, color, type, or whatever category you want, and you can even have a lot of fun painting the PVC pipe matching colors with your decor.

  5. Get a captain’s bed:
    Captains’ beds come in all sizes. They have drawers built into the sides and/or foot so your fluffy comforters and pillows don’t have to occupy your closet and you can easily store sheets, pillowcases, pajamas, books, and anything else you want to have on and near the bed.

    capitans bed
    >Photo source: Walmart
    You can even organize the drawers within so you can always find what you need. The best thing about a captain’s bed though is that you don’t just get extra organization, you also never have to clear out dust bunnies.

These home organization hacks will make you happier for discovering that you had even more space to work with than you initially thought, and even add some quirky aesthetics to your home.

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