Homeowner Hacks: Cleaning Tips & Tricks

By Home Bay

Posted on July 18th, 2016

Looking for creative ways to save money on cleaning supplies? Trying to figure out the best budget-friendly way to freshen up your fabric sofa? Want to learn how to easily clean your blinds? Get your home spic and span from floor to ceiling with these smart homeowner cleaning hacks.

Homemade Green Cleaners:

Kick the chemical cleaner habit and create your own environmentally-friendly, child-safe cleaners with fresh (and cheap) ingredients from the grocery store.


Photo Source: yogiapproved.com

Essential Oil Room Fresheners:

If you’re making your own cleaners, why not make your own scents while you’re at it? Check out this post to learn how to make air freshener sprays, deodorizers and carpet powders that will make your home smell great.


Photo Source: wegotreal.com

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places:

Cleaning high, low or awkwardly shaped places in your home can be a literal pain in the neck. But with a broom, tongs and a few other common household items, you can make cleaning even the most difficult spot easy as can be.


Photo Source: onecrazyhouse.com

Freshen Your Furniture:

One of the many magical properties of baking soda is its ability to deodorize just about anything. Give your upholstered couches and chairs a bath using baking soda to remove smells and oils.


Photo Source: howdoesshe.com

Pressure Wash the Outside:

If you want to see really clean results outdoors with minimal effort, try renting a pressure washer. You won’t believe how well it cleans fences, driveways, decks, patios and stone siding. Stains come right off and surfaces look like new. A word of warning; pressure washers can dent vinyl and other flexible materials, so make sure you study up before you start spraying away grime.


Photo Source: Lowes.com

Sparkling Windows:

Want to get rid of dirt and rain streaks on all your windows and sliding glass doors? Make your own professional-grade window cleaning solution at home. Once your windows are spotless, use Rainx, a water repellent cleaning product, to keep them clean for months to come.


Photo Source: shewearsmanyhats.com

You’ve got the tips you need for a successful deep cleaning session. Now grab your rubber gloves and get to scrubbing!

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