Homeowner Hacks: 3 Awesome DIY Interior Design Ideas

By Home Bay

Posted on February 3rd, 2017

Creating a beautiful space within your home does not necessarily require hiring a professional. You can improve your interior design with a little creativity and planning. Read on for a few easy and affordable DIY interior design ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

  • Dress Up Your Closet Doors:

    closet door update

    Source: PopSugar
    Add some flair to your interior doors with a simple update. Come up with a color pallet that suits you and find paint and knobs that you love. Go vintage by using ornate knobs from a thrift or antique store. Or, if you prefer a more ornate look like the one shown above, you can incorporate medallions into your design. You’ll be surprised and just how different your room looks with visually interesting doors and a fun pop of color!

  • Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Feel Bigger:

    window pane mirror

    Source: The Chronicles of Home
    If your room isn’t symmetrical or the windows are placed in an odd location, your room may seem dark, which in turn makes it feel smaller. Brighten it up by designing around an obvious focal point in the room and using mirrors to diffuse any light you have. For example, you could make your fireplace the focal point of your space.

    Put in mirrors on both sides of the central design feature to highlight the space and take advantage of natural light by reflecting it throughout the room. If your windows won’t do the trick, designers suggest you place lamps in front of your mirrors. For a unique look, you can even hang mirrors behind old window panes to make them look like additional windows, as shown above.

  • Update Your Headboard:


    Source: Craftaholics
    Your headboard is the focal point of your bedroom design. If it’s starting to show a little wear and tear or you aren’t crazy about the color or design, you’re in luck! There are lots of ways to easily and affordably update an existing headboard. For example, you could cover it with fabric or cloth to give it a unique texture and design. You can also paint it a fun color and add store-bought moldings to the design for a more detailed look. You can also use stencils, cushions or even a rug to give your headboard a brand new look. Torn on where to start?Check out Better Homes & Gardens full list of ideas!

DIY design projects are an awesome, budget-friendly way to update your space. Not only do you save money, but you also feel a great sense of accomplishment when your work is done!

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