Homeowner Hacks: Creative Kitchen Storage

By Home Bay

Posted on July 12th, 2016

When you’re beautifying your home, it can be easy to forget the kitchen. It’s a utilitarian room, and it’s difficult to envision a design overhaul without seeing demolitions and dollar signs. Fear not–here are a few small and inexpensive hacks that can make a big impact.

Space-Saving Spice Rack

Save valuable cupboard space, give your kitchen a fun pop of color and proudly display your spice array with these chic, magnetic hexagonal jars.


Photo source: Gneiss Spice

Artful Pan Rack

Keep pots and pans close at hand with a professional-looking pan rack. Use s-hooks and pipe from the hardware store, make a statement with wood planks on your kitchen wall, or buy this beautiful (and affordable!) rack online.


Photo source: ilovepalets.com

DIY Dish Storage Shelves

Using shelves to display glassware and dishes is all the rage right now. Make a statement in your kitchen by installing a couple of DIY floating shelves on the wall. You can also add hooks for additional storage.


Photo source: montanaprairietales.com

Pretty Pantry Containers

Pretty-fy your pantry and make your ingredients easier to find by using clear containers with labels. You can purchase cute containers of all size and recycle glass and plastic food containers with the labels removed. Visit your local craft store’s scrapbooking section to browse their abundant supply of sticker letters and pick the style that speaks to you!


Refrigerator Refresh

Last but not least, we have to address the fridge. If you’re tired of digging around your messy fridge, trying to locate the one thing that seems to have disappeared into the abyss, you’re not alone. And cleaning the fridge on the regular is no fun. But luckily, there’s a better way. With a few containers and organizers from Bed, Bath and Beyond, you can restore order to the fridge (and save time every time you grocery shop!).


Photo source: Good Housekeeping

Hopefully these ideas inspired you to channel your inner Martha Stewart and incorporate some smart storage solutions into your kitchen. Like these hacks? Share this post!

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