Homeowner Hacks: Save Money on Pool Maintenance

By Alex Long

Posted on October 3rd, 2022
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Owning a pool can be a great luxury — especially on the hottest and most humid days of the year. A pool can also be an excellent selling point if you’re thinking about listing your home for sale in the near future. Still, keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming can be a lot of work; it can also be quite pricey! Fortunately, you can implement these basic pool maintenance hacks to save a pretty penny!


Handle your own maintenance

If you’re currently paying a pool professional to handle your pool cleaning and water/chemical balancing, you’re likely spending hundreds of dollars per month for this service. Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that one of the best ways to save money is to tackle maintenance yourself (instead of paying a pro).

All you need is a little knowledge of pool chemical balance, along with the right cleaning tools (such as a skimmer, water test strips, and pool vacuum). If you’ve had your pool for a while, you likely already own these! Just skim your pool daily, test the water and add chemicals weekly, and run your vacuum when the pump is on to keep your water clean and ready for swimmers. Take these simple steps to easily save hundreds a month.

If you're worried about large repair expenses, you can also buy a home warrantee package that covers your pool to help protect you from large, unexpected costs.

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Don’t overspend on chemicals

Take the time to become better educated on the chemicals your pool water requires to stay clean and balanced. This includes chlorine, shock treatment, hydrochloric acid and a number of other basics, which vary based on the type of pool you own. Once you understand what chemicals you need and you know what function each of them serves in keeping your water balanced, you can explore money-saving alternatives.

For example, ascorbic acid – which is a substance commonly used to treat metal stains – is just a fancy word for vitamin C. You can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon or at your local nutrition shop.

Also, chlorine tablets are significantly cheaper than liquid chlorine. Buying your main chemicals in bulk can also save you a good amount of cash. The point is, you should take some time and do your research! If you dig a little, you’ll find that there are lots of ways to save money on pool chemicals without sacrificing quality.

Clean and maintain equipment

Replacing malfunctioning pool equipment can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which is why caring for your existing pool equipment is so important. For example, be sure to clean out your pool filter regularly to prevent the buildup of debris. Furthermore, you should be emptying your pool’s skimmer basket on a regular basis to prevent debris clogs that can burn out your pool pump.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to run your pool pump 24 hours a day. In fact, depending on your location, 8 hours a day or less should do the trick. But, the number of hours you need to run your pump per day varies based on the size of your pool, horsepower and type of filter you own, temperature, and so on.

If you need advice on how long to run your pump each day to maximize cleanliness and minimize cost, contact your local pool store and tell them what kind of pool and equipment you’re working with.

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Regardless of whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool on your property, there are many ways to save money on care and maintenance. These homeowner hacks offer small steps can add up to big savings for you!

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