Homeowner Hacks: Super Clever Storage Solutions

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Posted on April 18th, 2016

Trying to figure out how to sort that impossible kitchen cupboard? Looking for a better way to store your gardening equipment? Want to clear clutter from your closets? You’re in the right place! Our favorite quick, easy DIY fixes for messy storage areas will help you maximize your space and keep your home clean and organized.

Get More Storage From Your Cabinets

This just in! The door is the new drawer. Organize your kitchen cupboards in ingenious ways by using hooks, caddies and magazine holders to hang and store utensils and more.


Photo source: creativeideas.com

Closet Clean-up

Are you suffering from tiny closets that are stuffed to the brim? You’re not alone. Take note from students living in tiny dorm rooms and use vertical storage tools like cascading hangers and re-purposed shoe caddies to maximize your space.


Photo source: the36thavenue.com

Garage Space Saver

Ready for one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments? You can install simple tracks made out of lumber to store sliding plastic bins on your ceiling. These are perfect for housing any awkwardly-shaped items, holiday decor or seasonal clothing that you don’t access often. Add labels to the bottom to make it super easy to keep track of what’s in each bin. If you don’t have a label maker, paper tape or painters tape and a marker will get the job done.


Photo source:familyhandyman.com

Simple Shoe Storage

Build this easy DIY shoe storage rack to get your shoes off the closet floor and keep them sorted.


Photo source: WordPress blog

Tidy Tool Holders

Find the tools you need, when you need them with this fun and functional rustic rake tool rack.


Photo source: This Old House

Need something bigger to help you organize tools in the garage? Check out plastic piping organizer.


Photo source: newlywoodwards.com

Hopefully you got some good ideas that will help you store your stuff and keep your home tidy! Like these hacks? Share this post!

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