Homeowner How-To's: 3 Inexpensive Ways to Transform a Room

By Alex Long

Posted on October 4th, 2022
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It’s often unnecessary to work with a professional designer or stager to revamp your home. Here are three ideas on how to effectively transform a room (and how to do it on the cheap!).



Take a new look at your furniture arrangement. When you walk into the room, can you identify the focal point? It might be the fireplace, a large-screen television, the backyard view, a dramatic headboard, or a stunning piece of art, but every room needs a reason for being.

Your traffic flow and your furniture arrangement should leave no doubt about the focus of the room or its purpose. If it has no defined point of interest, decide on one. It can be as simple as a wall of family photos, but move the furniture around the room until it is clear what visitors should see first as they enter.

In addition to providing a focal point, arrange your furniture so that it is comfortable whether you are alone in the room or you have a crowd. The room should have at least one place to carry on a private conversation. Tailor the lighting and accessories to the room’s purpose, whether it’s a living room, playroom, or bedroom.

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Repaint or revitalize

Color has an immediate effect on your mood. Do you want to create a calm setting or an energizing effect? Is it a family space or a quiet room for work or solitude?

Dare to be dramatic: Paint one wall, or fill a single wall with bookshelves or framed art. Provide a neutral shell and accessorize with colorful pillows, books, vases of fresh flowers, or patterned rugs.

Study the natural light — is it warm or cold? Is the room commonly used during daylight hours or in the evening? Is your furniture light or dark? Soften hard edges with soft fabric window panels or shut out too bright sunlight with louvered shutters. You can work wonders with a little imagination.

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Rethink a room’s purpose

If you have a room that isn’t living up to its potential, think about what else it could be. Turn a seldom-used dining room into a quiet library with the addition of wall-hung shelves and a pair of chairs.

Create a hidden home office in a guest bedroom by customizing the closet. Create a play space in a large laundry room, so you can keep track of the toddlers and fold clothes at the same time. Install a daybed in the den to accommodate overnight guests and also allow teens to get comfortable while viewing the latest videos.

Space — even in small homes — can be expanded with a dose of ingenuity. It all starts by taking a new look and really seeing with new eyes. Whether you want to live better in your home, or you’re getting ready to put your existing on the market, it’s worth the effort!

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