How to Choose the Perfect Artwork for Your Space

By Home Bay

Posted on September 8th, 2017

Staring at a blank wall, wondering how to decorate it? Simply going with the kind of art you like seems intuitive enough, but making art and decor complement each other never seems as easy as decorating magazines make it out to be. The shape of the room also plays a part. Here are some tips for finding the right artwork for your dream home.


  • Group Artwork Together on Large Walls
    If you have a spacious room that gives you a large wall to work with, hang pictures over a focal point of the room such as a desk or couch. Group the frames fairly close together but equidistant, so it doesn’t create the illusion of a bare wall.

  • Choose a Theme that Fits your Personality
    A room theme doesn’t have to be restricted to a color scheme or pattern. It can be based on a concept, hobby, era, animal – you name it. Find the focal point in the room such as a prominent wall painting or piece of furniture then work around that. A new slipcover for the couch may be all you need to jump start the face lift that the room needs, and to match the painting above it.

  • Less is More on Busy Walls
    If you have loud wallpaper or textured walls like exposed brick, pick just one simple painting that complements the colors well but doesn’t fight with the background.

  • Vertical Stacking Works Best for Small Spaces
    Small and medium-sized wall hangings arranged in a vertical line are ideal for decorating apartments, foyers, and other small areas. This helps elongate the narrow space since placing just one or two frames on the wall can make it look awkward or that it’s just trying to cover up a scant amount of negative space. The vertical arrangement adds elegance but with room for playfulness by leaving room for a piece that is significantly wider than the others.

  • Wood and Metal Art Make a Statement
    Paintings aren’t the only kind of wall hanging that you can work with. Wood blocks, rustic-looking signs, and other decorations aside from art prints can add life to a room. Texture livens up a space and can make an otherwise empty room more home-like. Any number of found objects can easily become art, or you can let your crafty side out by browsing Pinterest and crafting blogs for some ideas to make wall art you won’t be able to find in a store.

Choosing the right decorations for your home ultimately depends on your taste, budget, and what you feel will make a house feel like home. Deciding on a theme can help prevent a room from feeling like the decor is mismatched.

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