Interior Design Trends: Art, Decor & More

By Home Bay

Posted on September 15th, 2017

Still deciding what to do with that empty space that is just waiting to be embellished? Don’t decorate with last years trends and styles. Get your home up to date with the newest in home decor! Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • Craftsman Over Crafty
    The do-it-yourself, Pinterest, handmade-by-me trend is beginning to wane. Though it was fun while it lasted, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Decorators are choosing more exclusive offerings by artisans with distinctive styles. High quality specialty pieces like hand blown glass work, intricate wood carving, and perfectly painted porcelain are coming back as decorators choose craftsmanship over craftiness.

  • Words
    Wall quotes and framed typography are still in style, but they’ve moved beyond simplistic quotes. Decorators are choosing words that are more expressive of the owner’s tastes and interests. Quotes from literature and movies, as well as those with a humorous, quirky twist are available online, as well as from some brick-and-mortar stores. Also, lettering is still popular with letters showing up on throw pillows, giant monograms in wall art, and sculpture. However, use caution with this trend. You can easily go overboard and add too many words to the house, making it look too busy.

  • Patterns
    In both wall art and in soft furnishings, bold patterns are making a comeback. The hottest patterns are moving away from predictable stripes, checks, plaids, and florals to more geometric and abstract offerings. Bright blues and greens are tying the patterns together to create a unified look in living spaces.

  • Statement Wall Art
    The gallery wall has had its day, and current designers are beginning to choose one or two huge pieces to decorate spaces over numerous smaller frames. Large statement pieces provide a single, interesting focal point for living areas. If you’re going to go with this trend, do it right. Choose a piece that covers two-thirds to three-quarters of the design area and that features bright colors and simple themes.

  • Sculptures
    Whether a piece is huge or tiny, sculpture has made a big comeback in the past year or so. Decorators and consumers alike are looking for pieces that are expressive, interesting, and eye-catching. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to spend big bucks on a giant piece of artwork though. Tiny pieces can be just as interesting, giving guests in your home an opportunity to notice small touches of good taste tucked into obscure places.

  • Butterflies
    In the last few years, nature has been a hot subject of art and decor. Owls, birds, and insects are just a few of the critters that inspired art in all forms in the past few seasons. This year the butterfly is on display. In linens, artwork, wallpaper, and sculpture. The butterfly adds a touch of whimsy to the home.

Designing your home is always going to be a work in progress. Don’t allow your classic style to become stale and dull over time. Accessorize the house with a few of these ideas and you’ll always have something fresh and interesting to keep you happy at home.

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