Lauren Makk's Five Easy Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

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Posted on April 23rd, 2019

Preparing your home for sale can feel like a daunting task, especially with the mounting pressures of home shopping season around the corner. We called on Interior Designer and DIY Home Expert Lauren Makk to give us her top tips and tricks to get our homeowners ready to sell their homes. If you’ve seen Lauren on TLC’s Trading Spaces, you know she’s all about low-cost, high-appeal interior design hacks. Lauren shared with us five simple home updates to prepare for a successful summer sale without breaking the bank!

Lauren Makk's Five Easy Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Lauren Makk’s Five Easy Tips

  1. Do your OWN inspection. I’m all about DIY and my number one recommendation is to hire your own home inspector and do your OWN inspection before listing your home for sale. No matter if you list your place with a traditional agent or online through a site such as, doing an inspection yourself can save you thousands of dollars (yes - thousands) in the long run. You’ll know the exact condition of your home and be able to price it accordingly, as well as inspire buyer confidence leading to a quicker sale.
  2. Up your curb appeal. With the arrival of spring, cost-effective upgrades to the exterior of your home can attract interested buyers. Beyond planting some colorful annuals and cleaning up any dead vegetation, a fresh floral wreath on your front door will make a great first impression both in photos and in person. Plus, you can save money and have your wreath outlast the season by making one yourself with faux flowers! Check out some of my other great DIY projects that are just the thing to up your curb appeal when selling your home. (link blog to “DIY projects”)
  3. Remove personal clutter. I’ve long been a proponent of organization and making your space clutter-free is never more important than when selling your home. While children’s toys, family photos, pet beds, etc. all make your house a home, help potential buyers visualize their future in the space by placing your personal objects in locked cabinets or in the garage when showing your home.
  4. Bring Spring inside too. There are a ton of easy ways to brighten your home for buyers. Buy some inexpensive natural light color pillows and neutral drapes to freshen your rooms - neutrals open a space, as well as create a canvas. That being said, don’t be afraid to incorporate pops of color. Bold art, textured and colorful area rugs, or bright color coordinated towels in the kitchen and bathroom can breathe freshness into a room. A vase of spring blooms on the kitchen table always makes a great impression.
  5. Clean, clean and clean some more. Everyone loves a clean home, but there is something special about a home that looks “like new”. Go beyond your routine cleaning and invest extra sweat equity to clean tile grout and soap scum, door handles, light switches and wipe down walls. Clean ceiling fan blades and all of those other hard-to-reach places that haven’t received recent love. Finally, air out odors and areas with stale air and invest in lovely scented candles.

Lauren is passionate about making smart, cost-effective design choices and we at Home Bay feel the same when it comes to selling your home! Low-cost ways to refresh the look of your home can save you money before the sale but you can look forward to serious savings by selling with Home Bay’s team of experienced agents. With their depth of experience and low listing fees, once you sign with Home Bay, all you’ll need to focus on is giving your home curb appeal for the sale.

If you are considering selling your home this summer, please call and speak to our team today.

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