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5 Exciting Home Description Examples for Summer

5 Exciting Home Description Examples for Summer

Summer is coming and the real estate market is heating up. If you plan on listing, make sure you know how to position your home so buyers will be excited to come see it. You can highlight your home’s best features, brag about outdoor space and talk about trendy finishes. Read on for some ideas on how to successfully showcase your home this summer.

💡Remember: If you sell without a realtor, writing a home description is your responsibility (whether you failed your college writing classes or not). So be careful – a dull description can get in the way of receiving a winning offer.

If you’re nervous about writing a description that does your home justice, work with a real estate agent!

Agents have had years of experience learning what catches buyers’ attention in a listing. Plus, agents can typically make you more money on your home in the end.

Home Description Examples to Make the Most of Your Listing

Highlight the Benefits of Your Geography

Summer gives residents the opportunity to spend lots of time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. As a homeowner selling a little slice of paradise, you want to make sure you accurately describe every part of your home that makes summer weather all that much more enjoyable.

For example, if you have an expansive property with picturesque views and great natural light, use descriptive language to highlight those features in your listing description.

This prime location affords you unfettered views of the harbor, the ocean and the stunning city skyline. Vaulted ceilings and skylights throughout add to the airy feeling of this home while capturing plenty of desirable California sunshine. You’ll love all the natural light!

Show Off Space

This attention-grabbing home description example immediately sets the reader up with knowledge that encourages visualization.

This classic Mediterranean style home boasts a fantastic open floor plan, providing you with the space you desire. An attached three-car garage offers an extra 600 square feet of space, perfect for your storage needs.

Prompt their imagination to run wild by offering some more details about your home, as shown in the example below.

With five bedrooms and five baths spread over a spacious 6,000 square feet, this two-story home — situated in a highly desirable neighborhood — features a huge gourmet kitchen, fireplace, spacious home office and an oversized rear lawn that is fully landscaped and optimized for summer living. In addition to lovely gardens, you’ll also find a swimming pool and hot tub to enjoy. Tile flooring and the gracefully curving doorways located throughout this stone home add to the charming carefree feel.

Highlight Privacy & Security

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home and wants to be able to enjoy their privacy, so make sure you talk about any amenities that make it easy to do so.

Off the dining room, double French doors open onto a private stone veranda, where you can start your day enjoying a spectacular sunrise. A private fenced-in backyard provides the perfect space for entertaining friends and family, and a top-notch sprinkler system provides you with convenient, low maintenance lawn care. This home also features a high-tech security system that provides peace of mind.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Finish your listing description off in a way that gives potential buyers a sense of urgency to promote fast action.

Are you ready to move into this ultimate summertime property? Do you want a pristine second home that offers you views of the ocean and city that are simply unbeatable? If the answer to these questions is a resounding, “Yes!”, then don’t let this property get away. It won’t last long!

Use these tips to write a listing description that will help prospective buyers visualize all the benefits of living in your home and generate more buyer traffic this summer!

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