2017 Data: The Best Time to Sell Your California Home Is...

By Home Bay

Posted on April 10th, 2017

Wondering when you should list your California home to make more money and sell faster? Zillow just performed a national analysis to determine the best time to list in 2017. The results? You might want to start collecting boxes! Check this out…

Zillow’s new data shows that California homes listed in the spring sell faster and for more money. How much faster and how much more, you ask? As many as 17.5 days and as much as $14,900!

Here’s the breakdown by city:

  • San Diego:
    sell 13 days faster for 1/3% ($6,200) more money.
  • Los Angeles:
    sell 15 days faster for 1% ($5,600) more money.
  • Riverside:
    sell 15 days faster for 1.1% ($3,400) more money.
  • San Francisco:
    sell 5.5 days faster for 1.2% ($10,200) more money.
  • Sacramento:
    sell 17.5 days faster for 2% ($6,600) more money.
  • Long Beach:
    sell 15 days faster for 1% ($5,600) more money.
  • San Jose:
    sell 9 days faster for 1.6% ($14,900) more money.
  • Anaheim:
    sell 15 days faster for 1% ($5,600) more money.

If you’ve been on the fence about when to sell your home, now’s the time! And don’t forget – California sellers save an average of $14,000 on agent commissions by listing with Home Bay! If you list now, you could save as much as $28,900 on your sale.

Our sellers have used their savings for all kinds of amazing things – like building up retirement or graduation funds, building a dream home and even paying their daughter’s adoption fees! What will you spend your savings on?

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