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  • 7 Home Improvements That Make You Money at Closing

    Investing a little time and money in your home prior to listing can pay big dividends at the close of escrow. But before you go crazy at your neighborhood Home Depot, you need to know which projects are going to give you the best return on your time and investment.

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  • 8 Factors That Impact How Fast Your Home Sells

    You’re ready to list your home – but you aren’t sure how long it’s going to be on the market, which makes planning very difficult. So how do you determine how long it will take to sell? Step one is to take a look at other recently sold

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  • Don't Let Bad Listing Photos Cost You Money

    Everyone knows a picture is worth 1000 words – but did you know that listing photos are actually worth 5000 words, each one influencing whether a buyer will (or won’t) purchase your home? It’s true! And with a majority of buyers searching for their next home online, the quality

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  • 8 Seller Tips to Accurately Price Your Home

    Coming up with a sale price for your home can seem overwhelming. However, with good guidance and the help of online home value tools, it’s easy to set a price that will both entice potential buyers and give you good returns. Consider the following to be sure your pricing

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