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  • Mediation & Arbitration Clauses in a Real Estate Contract

    In a real estate transaction, buyers and sellers are sometimes faced with an issue they cannot resolve on their own. Rather than litigate (i.e. go to court), the parties can agree to mediation or arbitration. These alternative methods of resolving issues are typically faster and less expensive for both parties, making them preferred options over litigation. The decision to use mediation and arbitration (vs. litigation) is written directly into the Offer to Purchase Real Estate. Mediation vs. A

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  • Home Warranty: Defined & Explained

    Home Warranty: Defined & Explained

    By Home Bay

    Posted on November 6th, 2014

    A home warranty protects a home buyer from costs associated with home repairs in their first year of ownership. For example, if the dishwasher breaks or if a pipe bursts, the warranty company will pay to fix or replace it. Read on for more details on what a home warranty covers and what it costs. Coverage: A home warranty will typically provide repair or replacement coverage for appliances [] , plumbing, electr

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  • What does "Legal Title" Mean in Real Estate?

    When you purchase a property, you have to decide how you want title to read after closing. "Title" is the legal paperwork that states who owns the property. Title can be held by a person, a company, or a trust. This post will explain what your options are and how your name will look on your title in various examples. Examples: John Smith owns a limited liability corporation, called Smith LLC. He also has a trust, called The J. Smith Trust. When John purchases a real estate property, he can choo

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  • 8 Seller Tips to Accurately Price Your Home

    Coming up with a sale price for your home can seem overwhelming. However, with good guidance and the help of online home value tools, it’s easy to set a price that will both entice potential buyers and give you good returns. Consider the following to be sure your pricing

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