Seller Expectations: 30 Days After Listing

By Home Bay

Posted on October 3rd, 2016

So you listed your house – now what? When can you expect to start getting requests for showings? How soon will offers start coming in? Or more specifically, what benchmarks should you be aiming to achieve in the first thirty days if your listing and marketing strategy is successful? Read on to find out!


Expectations for Showings:

Showing your property is a key part of selling – so bow many showings should you aim to get scheduled within the first thirty days after you list your home? This is a bit of a tough question to answer, because the exact number of showings varies significantly based on the location of the property. That said, most sellers can expect to show the space at least five times within the first month of listing. When buyer demand is high, a seller may have as many as fifteen or more showings within the first thirty days.

Expectations for Offers:

Offers are a much more serious commitment than a showing is, so the number of offers you get will definitely be lower than the number of showings you schedule. Generally, homeowners can expect to get at least one offer within the first month if you list your home at a fair price.

You should also expect variations in the offers provided. Some individuals may offer significantly lower rates for the property when compared to the listing price. But how low is too low? A good general rule of thumb is to focus on fair pricing based on the market conditions in the local area to determine when to walk away from an offer. For more information on how to deal with lowball offers, read this post.

What Can Impact Your Results:

Setting high expectations within the first month of listing is an impressive way to stay focused on the sale, but homeowners also need to consider factors contributing to the number of offers and showings. In most cases, the majority of initial showings occur within two weeks of listing. Offers may occur at any time during the first month.

Factors that contribute to the number of showings and offers you get in the first thirty days include:

  • Listing price; whether your home is priced accurately to attract buyers in your local market.
  • Property condition; if your home is in need of repair or if it’s a luxury property, it can take longer to sell.
  • Photos and staging; the appearance of the space, both online and in-person, can have a major impact.
  • Special features or unexpected charm; unique homes often generate more buyer interest.
  • The market conditions; this plays a major factor and can cause dramatic swings in what you should expect.
  • Location; selling a home in a desirable neighborhood that buyers seek out will up your odds of success.

Make sure your home is listed at a fair price, it’s in good condition, it’s clean and staged, you have great photos and you market it well to ensure you meet or exceed these thirty day benchmarks.

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