Selling a Home in California? Read This First.

By Home Bay

Posted on January 20th, 2017

California home sellers have a lot to gain right now. Inventory is low, prices are high, competition among buyers is fierce, and with rising interest rates looming – buyers are extra motivated. But there’s another reason California home sellers are celebrating – because there’s a new way you can save thousands of dollars at closing. How?


  • Don’t List with a Traditional Brokerage:
    When you hire an agent or brokerage to list your California home, they charge you a 2-3% commission. Right now, the median sale price on a single family home in California is $513,520. That means sellers are paying between $10,000 and $15,000 to their agent or broker at closing. Dang, that is a LOT of money! But what can you do if you don’t want to list FSBO and handle your own transaction? Now, Home Bay offers a third option. We provide comprehensive seller services but we don’t charge a commission.

  • How Does Home Bay Work?
    By listing with Home Bay, you pay a low one-time fee and get the exact same service you’d get from a traditional brokerage. The only difference is, we don’t do showings for you. You can either host your own showings or you can use a lockbox and allow buyer agents to conduct showings on your behalf. So what does Home Bay do?

    We help you price your home, pay for your professional listing photos, have a For Sale sign installed in your yard, help you through the offer and negotiation process, manage all your paperwork and have our in-house attorney review your documents and much more. We also have real estate experts available every day to answer any questions you have. Because we’re able to do all of this remotely, you save tons of cash. Want to know how much? Request a free quote!

  • Our Expert Team Will Adapt to Your Needs:
    Money savings is awesome, but it’s not the only reason it makes sense to list with Home Bay. We work with sellers with various levels of real estate experience, and we let you tell us how much or little help you want and need. If you know the space and have a goal price in mind, awesome! We can work with that. If you’ve never sold a home before and need more support, we’ve got your back. Our team is happy to offer advice when you ask for it, but we still give you the flexibility to make your own decisions.

  • What Would You Do with $10-$14k?
    Here’s what a few of our recent sellers did with their savings:

What would you do with your savings? List with us and you’ll have the opportunity to decide!

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