Notice a Slowdown in Showing Requests? Here's Why

By Home Bay

Posted on October 4th, 2022

If your home is on the market, the number of showing requests recently dropped and your scratching your head, trying to figure out why – then this is the post for you! Keep reading to find out what could be causing the wane in interest and to learn what you can do about it!


Whether your home has been on the market for five days or thirty-five days, here are three of the top reasons that your home might be receiving a slowdown in showing requests.

  1. There are a limited number of “real buyers.”:
    Qualified buyers refer to individuals who are preapproved for a loan, they know what they want and they’re ready to submit an offer on a home. Potential buyers are those buyers who have begun the research process, but aren’t ready to schedule an in-person showing or make an offer. At any given time, if it’s a buyer’s market and supply is outpacing demand, it’s possible that the number of real buyers is low in your area. This is an especially likely scenario if you’re looking to sell a unique property or a luxury home. If you don’t have a luxury or unique home and your local market is favoring sellers, this probably isn’t the challenge, so keep reading.

  2. Your list price may simply be too high:
    Price is one of the most common reasons that a home experiences a slowdown in the number of showing requests. When your home is priced too high, buyers (real or potential) aren’t interested in wasting time viewing the home. You also may not be reaching buyers who are looking for homes in your list price range, which may mean you’re missing a lot of opportunity. Read this post to learn about four common ways overpricing can hurt your home sale.

  3. You haven’t properly marketed your home:
    This issue can be pretty broad because it means different things for different sellers. Perhaps you have low quality photos that aren’t doing a great job of highlighting the best features of your home. Maybe you don’t have your listing on popular real estate sites that buyers rely on to find new properties. Perhaps you are lacking information in your listing description or maybe your dealing with a combination of the above issues.

Whatever the case, making sure that you’re effectively promoting your property can mean the difference between no showing requests and regular showing requests.

So once you’ve identified the issue, what can you do to fix it? There are a few tactics that you can implement to improve the number of home showing requests. Based on any issues you identified above, pick and choose solutions from the list below to help generate more interest in your listing.

  • Reduce the price:
    This can be especially helpful if your home has been on the market for more than 30 days.
  • Capture high-quality images:
    Hire a professional photographer to properly stage and photograph your home.
  • Write a compelling listing description:
    Make sure you don’t repeat information and that your listing description helps potential buyers visualize what it would be like to live in your home.Read this for more tips on how to write an excellent listing description!
  • Promote, promote, promote:
    If you haven’t maximized your buyer reach, it’s time to diversify your marketing tactics to make sure you’re reaching a broader audience. Check out tips here.

Watch for these three common scenarios and use these tips to get more showings!

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