An Intro to Staging for DIY Home Sellers

By Home Bay

Posted on April 16th, 2015

Sure you’ve heard of staging your home – but the question is, does it really make enough of a difference to be worth the time and hassle? Research says yes! A recent study conducted by HomeGain suggests your final sale price will increase by $3 for every $1 you spend on staging. So what exactly is staging – and how can you leverage it to make more money on your home sale? Let’s take a look…


Staging: A Definition

Staging is:

“…the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate market. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.” – Wikipedia

More buyers equals the potential for a bidding war, which is good news for you! So how do you get started?

Steps to Successfully Staging Your Home

The most straightforward option is to hire a professional stager. But if you don’t have money in your budget to do so, you can follow these four simple steps:

  1. Clean & De-clutter:
    If you do nothing else, do this. Make sure your home is spic and span and consider removing all non-essential items and putting them in storage. Clutter makes a home feel small, whereas sparsely decorated spaces feel much larger. After removing clutter, add a few strategically placed accent pieces to make the space feel welcoming.

In addition to providing a great return on investment, staging also has a direct impact on the success of your marketing and on the level of buyer interest in your listing. Use these staging tips to make sure your listing photos and open houses have buyers racing to put in an offer.

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