Which Buyer Details Home Sellers Need to Track & Why

By Home Bay

Posted on June 23rd, 2022

Tracking potential buyers who inquire about or view your home can help you stay organized, keep in touch and ultimately, sell faster. Read this post to find out what you should track to make sure you’re prepared to effectively manage your buyer follow-up.


What to Track

Start with these buyer details:

How to Get Information From Potential Buyers

Here are a couple of unobstrusive ways home sellers can capture all their potential buyer’s information:

  1. If you get a call or email from a potential buyer, requesting a showing, ask for their basic details up front.

  2. If you’re hosting an open house or have multiple buyers coming to view your home in one day, have buyers write their info down on a sign-in sheet when they arrive.

How to Use Buyer Information

  • Track the number of potential buyers who purchased other homes, made offers on your home or had other outcomes. These details provide insight that can help you strategize a quicker sale.
  • Follow-up with potential buyers who didn’t make an offer to gain valuable feedback on why they opted to go with a different home.
  • Notify all potential buyers when an offer has been made to increase the likelihood of a bidding war.
  • Contact potential buyers if your price has been reduced to encourage them to reconsider.

Use these guidelines and tips to effectively manage potential buyer correspondence, information and follow-up.

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