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Top 3 Home Showing Mistakes Buyers Should Avoid

While there’s no wrong way to tour a house, there are certainly things you can do to maximize your time and experience. Here are a few tips for house hunters from our team of real estate pros: Showing Mistake #1 – Saying Too Much: If you’re touring a home


When to Pass on a Home & When to Compromise

When you’re house hunting, it’s easy to envision your dream home early on. But after you’ve made your way through many houses, it’s common to realize that you may have to make some compromises. So how do you decide when to compromise and when to pass

Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

There’s something special about Southern California that sets it apart as a desirable area to live. Not only does the southern part of the state offer beautiful weather through most of the year, it also offers stunning sights and interesting activities. Since it is also an expensive state, retirees

5 Things to Plan Before You Start Home Shopping

5 Things to Plan Before You Start Home Shopping

Before start hunting for your dream home, you need to make sure you’re prepared for the process. Read on to learn five things you should do before you start visiting open houses and scheduling showings. Make sure your finances are in order: There are a number of specifics mortgage


Comprehensive Pre-Retirement Checklist

Getting ready to retire can be a joyous occasion. But it can also be a stressful one with many steps to take that can get overwhelming. There are several moving parts to preparing for retirement, and you’ll want to make sure you have everything in order before giving your


3 Must-Know Home-Buying Tips

When you’ve found the home of your dreams and are ready to make an offer, it’s time to get strategic. Use these tips to save money up front – and over the lifetime of your loan! Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller. How much can you

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When Should You Sell Your Rental Home?

Whether you inherited a family member’s home, kept your starter home after upgrading, or spent the last few years investing in rental real estate, you may find yourself having a “keep-or-sell?” debate. The right path can depend on a variety of factors unique to your property and your market.

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3 Ways Real Estate Photographers Make Your Home Look Stunning

There are so many reasons to invest in professional listing photos. Study after study shows that professional photography helps to sell a home faster and for more money. And, pro photos help you attract more buyers to your listing and get them through your door. But what, exactly, can a


Savings Tips for Soon-to-be-Retirees

Saving is a critical part of retirement because it provides you with the funding you need to maintain your lifestyle, remain healthy, and enjoy your time. While the amount you need to save depends on a variety of factors, putting aside extra funds at the end of your career requires


House Hunters: Real Life Edition, or Those Critical Things You Need to Look for on Your Home Buying Journey

Every home buyer’s journey is different depending on what you’re looking for and to what extent you’re willing to make compromises. Before you embark on your real-life edition of House Hunters, it’s important to learn what you need to look for in a property that’s