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Redfin Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Trustworthiness – Is It Right For You?

Redfin Reviews (2023): Can You Trust Redfin?

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🔑 Key Takeaways for Redfin

Redfin Reviews Summary

Reviews from Redfin sellers are mixed, with an average 3.7 out of 5 star rating. Some sellers praise the user-friendly platform, strong brand reputation, and lower fees. However, others felt they received less support than expected from unreliable agents who gave poor advice and were unresponsive.

Reviews from Redfin buyers also show mixed experiences. Some appreciate the convenient home search tool and potential savings through the Redfin Refund. However, other buyers faced unreliable agents who lacked local expertise and rushed them to overpay for a house. While Redfin aims to provide savings through technology, the quality and reliability of the agents seems inconsistent, sometimes undermining the benefits.

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Redfin Reviews from Sellers

Redfin Pros for Sellers 👍 Redfin Cons for Sellers 👎
❎ Lower fees than a traditional brokerage ❌ Less support than expected
❎ User-friendly platform ❌ Premium packages and minimum fees can limit savings
❎ Strong brand reputation among buyer’s agents ❌ Unreliable agents
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Redfin reviews from sellers have an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars across review sites like Google, Yelp, Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, and G2.

While Redfin boasts top service and savings on realtor commissions, the reality hasn’t always lived up to the promise. Some Redfin real estate agent reviews claim agents are great, but others aren’t so impressed.

Some sellers say the agent gave them bad advice, didn’t respond to interested buyer’s agents, and was unresponsive. Others say their agent communicated clearly and helped them prepare and sell their house with no-nonsense service.

Winslow Z. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

“I just went in to talk over how they would go about listing my house, and they took the time to explain how they are different from other brokers. I’ve heard other good things from friends who have both bought and sold with them. Thanks Tom for laying out all my options I look forward to using them again soon!”

Source: Google

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Michelle L. from Seattle, WA⭐ 1/5

“Awful experience as both buyer and seller – Redfin discount did not come close to offsetting the hidden costs of using them…Redfin assumed that it just being listed online would mean the house would sell itself. It was a “hot home” but the offer review date came and went with no offers. It finally sold, for asking, after one offer. The following week, a much shabbier house 3 houses away listed by another Redfin agent (this one had an open house and a sign) sold for about 25% per square feet more than ours did. Looking up comps in the neighborhood now, I see that most houses sold for about 25% – 40% more per square foot than our house sold for – With the exception of a tear-down, our house in fact sold for the fewest dollars per square foot in the entire neighborhood in the past 6 months, despite it being very clearly based on listing photos a house was average or better than average in terms of quality/condition. The numbers say it all.”

Source: Yelp

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N from Seattle, WA⭐ 1/5

“The Olympia WA Redfin real estate agent Mark ** whom we hired to sell or house sabotaged us by giving us bad advice, by not responding to interested buyers’ agents, doing zero marketing, taking absolutely no initiative and being extremely unresponsive to us. The damage was so big that we were not able to reverse it even after we changed agents.”

Source: Consumer Affairs

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Redfin Reviews from Buyers

Redfin Pros for Buyers 👍 Redfin Cons for Buyers 👎
❎ No buyer’s agent commission fee ❌ Unreliable agents
❎ Convenient map-based home search tool ❌ Minimal savings through Redfin Refund
❎ Money back on home purchases through Redfin Refund ❌ Buyer rebates unavailable in several areas
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Redfin can be a useful tool for buying a house, but there are limitations. In Redfin agent reviews, some buyers say they’re pleased with the service. One buyer said the agent was patient and friendly despite the buyer asking to see several houses throughout the area, and another praised the ability to easily filter data when searching for a home.

But other buyers felt the agent didn’t have the local expertise to help them create a strong offer — a downside that could cost them thousands of dollars. Other buyers mentioned agents who were unresponsive and would frequently cancel appointments.

H. Wang⭐⭐ 2/5

“The agent was nice but did not know the downtown market. We ended up in the bidding war in the city when the prices either drop or remain flat), and overpaid by 20K. We briefly had another agent who advised us against getting into bidding wars.

My biggest regret is that I stuck with her because she was very nice and responsive. I did not get the advice on this important purchase. I missed two opportunities and almost put in an offer for a place that the seller eventually lowered the price and pulled out of the market.”

Source: Google

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Spencer W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

“We had the pleasure of meeting with Sarah Ziehr over the last week to discuss property options. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable in our particular area, she went out of her way to clearly explain what the process is like and what to watch out for. Even went back and did more research for our family and the decisions we are trying to make. Extremely polite, super friendly and really knows the real estate market., If you have a chance to connect you won’t be let down.”

Source: Google

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Jay from Winchester, CA⭐ 1/5

“Used Redfin when we were looking for a house some years ago, they assigned us an agent, my wife and I were very excited to meet her and work with her, so we met her and made plans… Then she disappeared…. No emails, no text, no calls… Probably just didn’t like us, later we found another agent (not from Redfin) and she was great.”

Source: Consumer Affairs

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Mali K. from Mukilteo, WA⭐ 1/5

“I had the most terrible buying experience with Travis. Redfin work as a group so their goal is complete transactions as many as they can, not being buyers’ or sellers’ advocates. They have good technologies but need to retrain their employees. Our original realtor left for vacation so we had to work with Travis. We ended up pay for the house at the highest price we can effort, which was way above asking price, even though the house was on the market for almost 2 month. The other 2 offers were below asking price and owner didn’t accept them. The previous owner used the platform where everything was transparent. Anyone can see every detail of each offers. That was how we found out that he didn’t care of how much we had to pay. He just wanted us buy a house…”

Source: Yelp

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What Is Redfin?

Redfin is a discount real estate brokerage that offers basic services to home buyers and sellers, plus lower listing fees to sellers and cash back to buyers. It combines in-house real estate agents with proprietary technology to streamline real estate services and offer them at a discount.

Sellers can list their home with a Redfin agent for a 1.5% listing fee (or 1% if they also buy a home through Redfin). The agent puts their listing on a multiple listing service (MLS) and provides basic marketing and photography.

Buyers get matched with Redfin agents who help them find homes and tour them. If they purchase a home through the agent they’re matched with, buyers may also be eligible for a cash-back rebate — though not every state and market has this program.

With this discount brokerage, the average seller savings is roughly $5,550. Sellers do, however, have to pay minimum commission fees, which differ by market and state. This could eat into your savings, especially if you live in a market with a higher minimum fee (like Los Angeles — $7,000) versus one with a lower fee (like Nebraska — $2,500).

Clever offers similar services for a 1.5% listing fee, helping you save thousands without sacrificing quality. On Trustpilot, Clever’s customers give it a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Editor’s Note: Understanding the Fine Print on Listing FeesWhile Redfin’s website advertises a 1% listing fee for sellers, this deal only stands if you also buy with Redfin within 365 days of closing on your Redfin listing. In this case, Redfin charges a 1.5% listing fee, then sends you a check for the 0.5% difference after you buy a home with one of its agents.

We can’t assume that every Redfin seller will also buy a home using its services. For this reason, we’ve included Redfin’s listing fee as 1.5% throughout this article.

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Is Redfin Legitimate?

Redfin is a legitimate, fully licensed real estate brokerage based in Seattle. The company was founded in 2004 and has grown to be the largest brokerage website in the U.S. It boasts licensed real estate agents in most states and the District of Columbia. Redfin agents aren’t located in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

How Does Redfin Work?

The bottom line: Redfin may save you money over working with a traditional agent, but you could be sacrificing quality service and support.
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Redfin helps buyers and sellers by pairing them with online tools — via their website and mobile app — and Redfin agents.

The company relies on technology and a team-based approach to keep its costs down. But there’s a catch for customers. Working with a team instead of a dedicated agent may not deliver the level of service you’re expecting.

Many buyers and sellers appreciate the technology that runs the home listing and search tools, but Redfin reviews cite the lack of hands-on help as a genuine concern. Rather than working with a dedicated agent, you could be handed off to one of several people on the team, and they might not be up to date on your situation or what you’re looking for.

How Does Redfin Work for Buyers?

Buyers can take advantage of online home tours using Redfin’s site and app, and they can get matched with an agent to make an offer on a house.

You can use the platform to search for properties in your desired area. The platform is user-friendly and offers many amenities:

  • 3D walkthroughs
  • Access to school ratings
  • Alerts for new properties in your area

Once you find a house you want to see in person, contact a Redfin agent who will set up an appointment with the seller or their listing agent (if there is one). You’ll then meet your agent at the property, where they can show you around and answer any questions about the house and neighborhood.

One feature that draws buyers to the platform is the Redfin Refund. Redfin Refund shares part of the commission with buyers who use a Redfin agent. The average refund is $1,500.

However, sources indicate that Redfin may be phasing out Redfin Refund. Reach out to your local Redfin office to see if you can still get a rebate in your area.

How Does Redfin Work for Sellers?

Redfin’s main draw for sellers is that it offers homeowners the ability to sell their houses with a listing fee of only 1.5%. This is much lower than the 3% listing fee you’ll find with traditional real estate brokers. The discounted rate can save homeowners thousands of dollars — on a $500,000 house, a 1.5% rate instead of 3% saves the seller approximately $7,500.

Redfin offers a couple tiers of service for sellers:

  • List your home and reach more buyers for a 1.5% listing fee
  • Upgrade your listing with a concierge service that includes staging, cleaning, and upgrade recommendations for a 2% listing fee

While Redfin offers low listing fees, the savings could come at the cost of quality service, since you’ll be working with a team instead of a dedicated agent.

Working with Redfin Agents vs. Redfin Partner Agents

Most buyers and sellers work with a Redfin agent. However, Redfin partner agents step in to help customers buy or sell their homes when Redfin agents are in high demand or when a home is outside of Redfin’s service area. Redfin partner agents are from traditional brokerages like RE/MAX and Coldwell Banker.

Partner agents go through an interview process to ensure they measure up to Redfin agent values, so you may not notice a difference between working with a partner agent vs. a Redfin agent.

How Much Does Redfin Cost?

For sellers, most Redfin transactions cost around 4.5% of the selling price of the home. On a $400,000 sale, that’s $18,000 deducted from your sale profit.

Here’s the breakdown of Redfin commission fees:

The site claims to offer a 1% listing fee for sellers (and no fees for buyers). But there are some Redfin hidden fees you need to know about before you work with them.

First, the 1% fee for sellers is available only if you also buy a house with Redfin within 365 days. But you’ll still pay 1.5% to list your house — you’ll get a check for the 0.5% difference if you qualify after buying your next home.

But that doesn’t include the buyer’s agent fee, which the seller pays. And if the buyer doesn’t have an agent? The seller will pay an additional listing fee of 1% of the sale price.

Redfin’s Minimum Fees

There’s also a minimum commission that varies by location. So if a 1.5% listing fee is lower than the minimum commission fee in your area, you’ll have to pay the minimum commission fee instead.

Location Minimum commission
All Other $2,000
Anchorage $3,000
Atlanta $3,000
Austin $4,000
Birmingham $2,500
Boise $4,000
Boston $5,000
Buffalo $2,000
Charlotte $3,000
Chattanooga $3,000
Chicago $3,000
Cincinnati $2,000
Cleveland $2,000
Colorado Rockies $2,000
Columbus $2,500
Connecticut $3,000
Dallas $3,000
DC $6,000
Denver $4,000
Des Moines $2,500
Detroit $2,500
El Paso $2,000
Fayetteville $2,000
Flagstaff $4,000
Florida Panhandle $2,000
Fort Myers $3,000
Grand Rapids $2,500
Greater British Columbia $4,000
Greater Ontario $4,000
Hampton Roads $3,000
Hawaii $6,000
Houston $2,500
Indianapolis $2,000
Inland Empire $5,000
Jackson $2,000
Jacksonville $3,000
Kansas City $2,500
Knoxville $3,000
Lake Tahoe $4,000
Las Vegas $3,000
Little Rock $2,000
Los Angeles $7,000
Louisiana $2,000
Louisville $2,000
Maryland $4,000
Memphis $2,000
Miami $3,000
Minneapolis $3,000
Nashville $3,000
Nebraska $2,500
New Jersey – North $4,000
New Jersey – South $3,000
New Mexico $4,000
New York $5,000
Northern New England $4,000
Oklahoma $2,000
Orange County $7,000
Orlando $3,000
Ottawa $4,000
Palm Beach $3,000
Palm Springs $4,000
Philadelphia $3,000
Phoenix $3,000
Pittsburgh $2,000
Portland $4,000
Raleigh $3,000
Rhode Island $3,000
Richmond $3,000
Sacramento $4,000
Salt Lake City $4,000
San Antonio $2,500
San Diego $6,000
San Francisco $7,500
Savannah $2,500
Seattle $5,000
South Carolina $2,500
South Texas $2,500
Spokane $4,000
St. Louis $2,500
Tampa $3,000
Toronto $5,000
Tucson $3,000
Vancouver $6,000
Virginia $5,000
Wisconsin $3,000
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Depending on where you live, you could pay a lot more than you expected to pay with Redfin. It’s crucial to compare fees from different brokerages to make sure you’re getting a good deal when buying or selling a house.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Clever Real Estate, a full-service brokerage with a listing fee of just 1.5% or $3,000 — with no other hidden fees. Best of all, you’ll get incredible service from top-performing brokerages such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and RE/MAX.

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How Much Can You Save with Redfin?

The company claims sellers save an average of $8,400, but that’s based on the sale price of the home. We took an average of four price points — $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000 — to find that the average savings across all sale prices is actually $5,550.

Keep in mind that your costs can be higher than 1.5% because many areas have minimum commission requirements. For example, you might pay 3.4% to list a $100,000 home.

The higher your home price, the more you’ll save with Redfin. In many cases, you’ll be able to save more by working with another discount real estate brokerage.

Alternatives to Redfin

Redfin vs. Clever Real Estate

Redfin’s fees are misleading. The site promotes a 1% listing fee, but that’s only if you also buy a home through Redfin after selling yours. You’ll also pay minimum commissions that could add up to 3.4% or more, depending on where you live. And Redfin isn’t available in select areas.

In contrast, Clever Real Estate keeps things simple. It offers a $3,000 flat fee or 1.5% listing fee for sellers. It also serves customers nationwide and has a higher average review rating than Redfin — 4.9 stars vs. Redfin’s 3.7.

Meet Trusted Real Estate Agents with Clever 🤝Looking for an agent? Clever Real Estate’s licensed concierge team can introduce you to pre-vetted agents near you! You’ll choose between top-rated agents from major brokerages like Keller Williams and RE/MAX. Best of all, you’ll save thousands, thanks to Clever’s affordable 1.5% listing fees. Buyers in 42 states and Washington, DC, can also receive cash back after closing.

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Redfin vs. Zillow

Redfin and Zillow offer different ranges of services. For example, Redfin is likely a better choice if you’re looking for a real estate agent — especially as a seller. For those looking to buy a house, Zillow has more properties in its database. While both pull listings from the MLS, Zillow also allows for sale by owner homes.

Redfin vs. Traditional Agents

Redfin Agents are licensed, but you’ll work with team members instead of a single, dedicated agent. This allows Redfin to offer prices lower than traditional realtors. However, it can cause miscommunication, delays, and mistakes. A traditional realtor, on the other hand, is dedicated to you, working for your interests only. You might get better, more attentive service from a traditional agent, but you may pay a higher commission for it.

Redfin vs. For Sale By Owner

Listing your house for sale by owner (FSBO) can help you cut the cost of agent fees and commissions. But it’s more difficult than you might think. The Clever Data Center found that only 11% of sellers actually succeed at selling FSBO. And while you might save on agent commission, FSBO homes often sell for less than agented properties. According to NAR’s 2023 profile of home buyers and sellers, FSBO homes sold for $95,000 less than agent-assisted homes.

Unless you’re an experienced home seller, selling FSBO can be incredibly hard, costing you more money and time in the long run. For most sellers, Redfin is a better option.

Is Working with Redfin a Good Idea?

Redfin is one of the biggest online real estate brokers in the U.S. Redfin reviews often praise the company for its low commission fees and convenient map-based tool for finding homes. But it may not make sense for everyone depending on where you live, whether you’re buying or selling, and the value of your home.

Compare Redfin’s fees and rates to other similar services before making any commitments, and ask lots of questions to find the best possible outcome for you.

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