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Effective Agents Reviews: Is it Worth it for Sellers?

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Effective Agents is a real estate platform that matches sellers with local agents. Sellers simply enter information about the property online, and its algorithm narrows down their agent pool to local realtors who meet their criteria.

Effective Agents’ service is completely free to sellers, as is the case with most services that match sellers with agents. 

If you’re trying to find a local realtor to list your property, Effective Agents could be a good option.

But if you need more support and want to save money, consider using a discount real estate service like Clever. Not only will you be matched with a top-rated agent, but you’ll also receive a lower commission rate. 

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Effective Agents at a glance

Our rating4.5/5
Effective Agents reviews4.9 
Service quality4.5
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Effective Agents reviews

CompanyAverage rating
Google (52 reviews)5
Shopper Approved (1,419 reviews)4.9
Weighted average4.9
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Effective Agents has many positive reviews, but most of them come from realtors, not sellers. 

Out of the few customer reviews we found, we saw that sellers appreciate Effective Agents’ professionalism and fast response times. One customer shares that her agent posted the listing on the local MLS immediately after signing up. Other sellers mention that the company and its referral agents are professional and easy to work with. 

Why more sellers haven’t left reviews on Effective Agents is a mystery. 

Effective Agents service quality


  • Referral process weeds out agents who don’t meet its standards
  • Aglothrim matches sellers with local agents quickly
  • Customer service is available seven days a week


  • No additional support beyond finding sellers an agent
  • Automated matching may result in less personalized agent choices

Effective Agents meets our standard service quality requirements for a company that matches sellers with agents. 

Effective Agents matches sellers with local agents to choose from using its algorithm. It analyzes multiple factors, such as agents’ sales data, to find the top-performing realtors in your area. 

Effective Agents also informs sellers about what services they should expect from a licensed agent: 

  • Comparative market analysis 
  • Listing on major online real estate sites such as Zillow 
  • Advertising in local publications
  • Professional photography
  • Marketing flyers
  • Lockbox for showings 

Effective Agents doesn’t offer any nice-to-have features. Other agent matching companies, such as Clever, offer discount listing commission for sellers and cash back for buyers. 

One potential issue is Effective Agents’ dependence on technology to match sellers with agents. Automated matching produces fast results, but choosing from a list of hand-picked agents is a more personalized option.

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Effective Agents savings


  • Most properties sell over 12% more than the national average
  • Its agents sell homes faster than average


  • No listing commission negotiation on behalf of sellers
  • No cash back option

Effective Agents is free to use, but it doesn’t offer sellers special discounts on commissions. Most likely, sellers will have to pay the market rate of 5-6% of their property’s sale price in agent commissions. 

» LEARN: What Is the Average Realtor Commission? 

Effective Agent’s selling point is that you can sell your home for up to 12.56% more than the national average, based on its 2020 survey of completed deals. Also, its algorithm selects agents with a low average agent days on market (ADOM) as a way to sell your property quickly. 

Other real estate companies provide the same quality service while saving you money. For example, Clever negotiates a low listing commission of 1.5% with agents, saving sellers an average of $7,000. 

Effective Agents top competitors

Company Home Bay Rating Listing Fee
🥇 Best Overall
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Next steps

We recommend choosing a service that finds you a great realtor AND saves you money. With Clever, you’ll match with a full-service agent and score great savings on the listing fee.

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We evaluated each agent matching service based on three core criteria:

Customer experience

Our evaluation:

  • Aggregated customer reviews from across the web and created a weighted average rating
  • Checked for complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  • Checked how easy the company app or portal was to use and how easy it was to upload and manage the listing

Service quality

Agent matching companies should provide basic services, including:

  • Multiple agent matches for you to choose from
  • A large agent network in your area
  • High standards for agent quality


We compared the discounts and cash back offerings of this company and other brands.

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