How to Think Like a Realtor for a Successful Sale

By Lindsay Stefan

Posted on August 11th, 2022

Think like a realtor

As you prepare to sell your own home, there’s a lot you can learn from industry experts. For example, do you know how top producing agents decide on a list price that is both competitive and profitable? Or, do you know how to negotiate the best deal at the offer table?

These agent insights will help you think like a realtor and sell your home for top dollar.

🛑Caution: Selling a home entirely on your own is a big undertaking. There's a reason only 7% of sellersdo it successfully. Even for the real estate savvy, nothing compares to having the expertise of an agent on your side.

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Realtors Make Sure Your Home is in Selling Shape

Realtors have looked at hundreds, even thousands of homes for sale and prospective buyers’ reactions to said homes. They know what appeals to buyers and what doesn’t, and they bring their unbiased, professional recommendations about how to make a home more enticing.

Agent-Level Home Prep Requires You to Think Like a Buyer

Put your personal tastes aside and research what appeals to homebuyers in your area. Doing so will increase buyer interest, which in turn increases your odds of getting a higher final sale price.

Do some online research to find out what kinds of home features and upgrades are trending in your area. Then, ask friends and neighbors for their opinions on your home (and make a diligent effort not to take their feedback personally).

Once you have a good idea of what resonates with potential buyers and what turns them off, be open to making cosmetic changes that enhance your home. That can mean repainting your stylish bright green room with a more neutral tone, hiding your taxidermy collection (pretty much always a good idea!) or buying a stainless steel stove in order to maximize your profit.

Realtors Think in Terms of Cost

While homeowners can be sentimental and biased, realtors just see cold, hard property when they look at a home. They research the market to determine the best home price. Their goal is to attract as many buyers as possible and make you money. But how do they figure out the right price?

Bust Out the Calculator

Check your emotions at the door. Pricing mistakes brought on by emotional attachment to your home can slow down the sale process and negatively impact your final sale price.

Realtors Get the Word Out

Realtors know that the more eligible buyers that see a home, the more likely they are to fetch a great price for it. But getting the attention of prospective buyers isn’t as simple as listing your home and hoping they show up in droves.

Use the Same Tools Agents Do

To maximize buyer traffic, use all the tools at your disposal when you first put your home on the market. That means, at a bare minimum, you should:

Realtors Negotiate, and Then Negotiate Some More

One of the greatest secret weapons a realtor has is experience and prowess at the negotiating table. They know what’s a reasonable ask and they won’t let other agents or buyers push them into a lopsided deal.

Put On Your Negotiator Pants and Get Ready to Make a Deal

Remember all that math homework you did? This is where those numbers can really come in handy. Look at your figures and imagine an ideal (but realistic) sale price for your home. Then, decide on the minimum price you’d be willing to sell your home for before you start entertaining offers.

If you crunch the numbers and form a plan before you have to negotiate, you’ll be prepared to be firm, professional and pragmatic.

If you plan to sell for sale by owner (FBSO) these realtor insights can help you get started. But if you're not sure you're ready to take on the role of your own realtor, there are other affordable options.

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