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The Ultimate Moving Guide (2024)

The Ultimate Moving Guide

Home Bay is committed to making your next move your best one yet. We’ve created moving resources to help you plan and navigate your big move, whether you’re hiring a company or renting a truck and doing all of the work yourself. We update our ultimate moving guide frequently as we add new resources.

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Read on to discover everything you need to know about moving. Or, if you’re ready to book a move, we can help you save time by matching you with the best movers for FREE. Answer a few simple questions to find movers near you now.

💡 Tips and advice for your move

Moving is stressful, but experienced movers and industry experts know how to alleviate some of the pressure with the right prep work. Check out our guides for advice on how to handle key decision points whether you’re getting ready for your move, or settling into your new home.

📦 Packing guides

Learn about the best methods and supplies for packing to make the most of your cargo space and reduce the chance of breaking items during your move. 

⭐ Best moving companies

A good moving company can make the difference between a nightmare move and an easy transition. We’ve ranked and reviewed top movers across the country to help you get started. Our methodology for evaluating moving companies includes mystery shopping, a deep dive on the ratings and recency of customer reviews, and verification of registration details on sites like the Federal Motor Carrier Administration database.

Top companies

Detailed roundups of the top moving services for major moves.

Nationwide services

In-depth reviews and analysis of some of the largest moving companies in North America.

📍Movers near you

The best local moving options aren’t necessarily nationally-recognized brands with huge service areas. Check out our guides to the best moving companies in major metropolitan areas across the country. (Full state roundups are coming soon!)

📊 Research and insights

The Home Bay team is constantly researching moving trends to learn more about what you should expect when you move. Our research documents the common challenges of moving so you can plan ahead.

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FAQs about moving

What’s an interstate move?

An interstate move is any move that crosses state lines.

What’s an intrastate move?

An intrastate move is the opposite of interstate — it’s a move within a state.

What’s a moving broker?

A moving broker is a business that coordinates moves but does not conduct the move. The broker typically connects you with movers in a network who will offer quotes

What’s a moving carrier?

Carrier is the technical name for a moving company. Moving companies are generally registered with the Dept. of Transportation as “Household Goods Carriers (HHG).”

What’s considered a local move?

Local moves typically happen within a 50-100 mile radius. There’s no exact number, but you can think of a local move as a move between neighboring towns, across the city or within the county you live in, or down the street.

What’s considered a long-distance move?

We consider a long-distance move to be 100+ miles. Long-distance moves can either be interstate (across state lines) or intrastate (within the same state). This means not all long-distance movers are authorized for interstate moves.

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