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Steve Nicastro

Steve Nicastro is a seasoned real estate expert and advocate for informed decision-making. Steve's journey in the real estate world is marked by a steadfast commitment to empowering consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their real estate decisions.

Steve's expertise is grounded in his experience as a former real estate agent in Charleston, S.C.. His approach aligns perfectly with HomeBay's mission: to let data speak for itself. Steve's insights are not just opinions; hard facts, market analysis, and a deep understanding of consumer needs inform them.

His background as a personal finance writer for NerdWallet, where he spent over six years demystifying financial decisions, has honed his ability to present complex data in an accessible way. His work, featured in USA Today, The Associated Press, U.S. News, and The New York Times, reflects his skill in creating effective summaries that help readers grasp the essentials of real estate and personal finance.


Real Estate Commission: Steve breaks down the numbers to help you understand where your money goes.

Selling a House Without a Realtor: He provides the data you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Buying a Home: Steve turns market data into actionable insights for home buyers.

Real Estate Investing: He simplifies investment data, making it accessible and understandable.

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