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What Are the Best Moving Boxes for Every Budget?

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You can find the best moving boxes from U-Haul if you need a variety of sizes, or popular retailers like Walmart and Lowes if you need sturdy boxes for heavy items. But if you’re trying to keep your moving budget as low as possible, you might be able to get some free boxes from the back of a local retail store.

We searched customer reviews, retailer websites, and moving forums to find the best boxes for moving. We looked at price, convenience, and durability to find the best place to get moving boxes for your upcoming move.

One tip, though, before we get to the best moving boxes: Your moving company may provide boxes for you ― and at a better price than most retailers. So ask about that before you buy your own boxes.

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Where to Find the Best  Moving Boxes

U-Haul: Best Box Selection
Walmart: Cheapest Moving Boxes
Lowe’s: Best Sturdy Boxes
Amazon: Best Online Shopping
Used Cardboard Boxes
How to Get Free Boxes

U-Haul: Best Box Selection

U-Haul has an unparalleled variety of boxes for moving, including

  • Regular moving boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Electronics boxes
  • Lamp boxes
  • Sports equipment boxes

U-Haul has it all. And its boxes are competitively priced, especially for its basic packing boxes. Oh, and U-Haul will buy back the boxes you don’t use, so you don’t have to worry about getting exactly the right number.

Although U-Haul boxes are more affordable than most options, they don’t have the lowest price out there. U-Haul may be the best place to get moving boxes, but you can save a little money going with Walmart instead.

Walmart: Cheapest Moving Boxes

Walmart has the best price on individual moving boxes, hands down.

Basic moving boxes cost between $0.22 and $0.35 less at Walmart than anywhere else. You can save even more on wardrobe boxes. As we’re writing this, Walmart is selling them for more than $2.00 cheaper than anywhere else we’ve seen. That might not sound like a lot, but when you buy dozens of boxes for your move, you can end up saving a lot.

Keep in mind, though, that Walmart boxes tend to come in slightly smaller sizes than competitors’ boxes do. Depending on how full you pack your boxes, you might need to buy more Walmart boxes than you would if you went with U-Haul or Lowe’s.

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Lowe’s: Best Sturdy Boxes

Lowe’s has the strongest heavy-duty boxes around, making them the best moving boxes for books and other heavy objects.

Lowe’s heavy-duty boxes have an edge crush test (ECT) score of 51, higher than the 48 for comparable U-Haul boxes and the 42 for Walmart boxes. You don’t need to worry about Lowe’s boxes getting crushed in a full truck. Plus, Lowe’s’ medium, large, and extra-large boxes give you a little more space than boxes from other retailers, so you may need fewer boxes.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s also has the most expensive boxes of the sellers on this list. The difference is often just a few cents per box, but it still means you won’t find the cheapest moving boxes at Lowe’s.

Amazon: Best Online Shopping

Amazon offers a wide variety of affordable moving boxes that are shipped to you ASAP.

You can get all kinds of brands and moving boxes on Amazon, from Banker’s Box boxes with lids to wardrobe boxes. Amazon brings the boxes right to your door instead of making you stuff them in your car. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get all the packing boxes you need in just two days, with almost no effort on your part.

Quality and price can vary a lot between different brands and sellers on Amazon. You should always check reviews before buying. Or you can stick with an in-person retailer to check out the boxes before buying them.

UsedCardboardBoxes: Best Used Boxes

UsedCardboardBoxes is great for the eco-conscious mover because it lets you reuse and recycle packing boxes.

Scouring Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for old boxes can be a hassle. If you like the idea of using old boxes, you can buy them from UsedCardboardBoxes. The company inspects every used box, so you won’t end up with damaged, unusable boxes. And when you buy boxes in kits, UsedCardBoardBoxes has some of the best prices on moving boxes.

Note that UsedCardboardBoxes box sizes can vary. Also, it doesn’t let you buy individual boxes, unlike other retailers.

How to Get Free Boxes

Getting free moving boxes is a great way to keep your moving costs lower. See if your neighbors have any extra boxes they can part with. Social media is another great option, including platforms like Facebook Marketplace,, or Craigslist. People on these sites are often interested in helping out a neighbor just as much as finding a home for their things, so you just might score for free moving boxes!

FAQs About the Best Moving Boxes

What are the best boxes to use for moving a house?

The best boxes for moving a house depend on your situation. If you want a variety of boxes, U-Haul has the best box options. Walmart’s low prices make it the best place to buy moving boxes on a budget. If you need heavy-duty options, Lowe’s boxes are best. Amazon is the best place to get moving boxes online. And if you want to get used boxes, UsedCardboardBoxes will deliver them to your door. Learn more about the best moving boxes.

Does Lowe’s or Home Depot have cheaper moving boxes?

Lowe’s has cheaper moving boxes than Home Depot, but only by a few cents per box. So it’s probably not worth driving across town to get boxes from Lowe’s if you have a Home Depot nearby. Learn more about the best moving boxes.

What size boxes are best for moving?

Usually it’s best to have a variety of box sizes when you move. You can figure out what size you need with U-Haul’s moving supplies calculator. It will tell you how many boxes of each size you should get for your home size. If you want to stick with one size, though, medium boxes (around 18″ x 16″ x 18″) tend to be the best moving boxes. They can fit plenty of stuff, but they’re not big enough to risk getting too heavy. Learn more about the best moving boxes.

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