Homeowner Hacks: How to Save Money on Appliances

By Alex Long

Posted on September 9th, 2022
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New appliances will add beauty to your kitchen and make your life easier, but they can also put a hefty dent in your pocketbook if you don’t know how to shop smart. If you’re in the market for kitchen appliances, use these five homeowner hacks to bring new appliances home for less than their retail price.


Look for appliance package deals

A streamlined kitchen with matching appliances is a culinary-inclined homeowner’s dream come true — and appliance package deals can make that ambition come to fruition.

Savvy retailers and specialty appliance stores nationwide know how to tempt buyers with big savings with package deals on companion appliances. A refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and a microwave are standard, but some packages can also include free-standing cooking surfaces and dual-range ovens.

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Save big with holiday sales

Your mailbox overflows with colorful full-page sales ads when a holiday approaches. Stores are eager to draw in customers on extended weekends and days off, and you can save big by taking advantage of sales.

Black Friday is an obvious time for big savings, but don’t forget to check for sales that happen over long weekends, like Labor Day and President’s Day.

Another great time to shop for appliances is near the end of the year when retailers are serious about reducing inventory for tax purposes. Ask your salesperson for a rock bottom price, because if you don’t ask, you may not receive!

Open-packages and slightly damaged discounts

If you’re okay with a scratch or ding, you can save a lot of green. Superficial imperfections, such as dents, often mean big savings on appliances! Asking about “open-box” inventory, aka customer returns where the box has been open, is another great way to score a completely non-damaged appliance at a rock-bottom price.

Price-matching discounts

Most big box retail stores offer what is known as a “price-matching discount.” If you find another store offering the exact appliance model at a lower price, the retailer your purchasing from may automatically match it.

Furthermore, many big appliance stores will go a step further by offering customers an additional 10% off any matched price. Doing some homework by price-comparing ads online to make sure you get the best price.

Discontinued and clearance items

Sometimes an appliance model just doesn’t catch on with consumers, and they are discontinued and offered at steep price reductions.

Sporadically, overambitious retailers discover that they have an inventory overflow and start reducing the price of quality appliances and placing them on clearance. Some major appliance retailers even have outlet stores that specialize in selling discontinued models and overflow stock.

Using these homeowner hacks, you’re armed with everything you need to know to save big on major appliance purchases.

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