Selling Your Own Home? 5 Easy Ways to Impress Potential Buyers

By Home Bay

Posted on July 25th, 2022

When you sell your own home, you have to communicate with potential buyers. Your goal in doing so should always be to answer their questions and to get them excited about your property. Follow the simple, effective tips below to make sure your interactions leave potential buyers with a positive impression of you and your home.


  1. Be Responsive:
    Things move quickly in real estate, especially when demand is high. That’s why responsiveness and fast follow-up is key. No prospective buyer wants to wait days to hear back from you when they inquire about your property. By then, they may have already made an offer on another property! Make every attempt to respond to inquiries about your home within a couple of hours at most.

  2. Anticipate Their Needs:
    Reduce the number of questions you receive about your home by making sure your listing is as complete and thorough as possible. Also, take some time to anticipate common questions buyers may have about your home and type up the answers on a reference sheet so you can reply to inquiries quickly. For example, buyers may ask about school districts, utility costs and providers, home upgrades and more. By anticipating these questions and having answers readily available, you’ll impress home shoppers with your preparedness.

  3. Ask About Communication Preferences:
    Not everybody enjoys communicating in the same way you do. For example, while you may prefer talking to prospective buyers over the phone, some may prefer texting or communicating via e-mail. When you decide to sell your own home, you should try to be open to communicating with buyers via their preferred medium. This will help them feel more comfortable working with you and, in turn, could help you make the sale.

  4. Stay Organized:
    Organization is key when you’re selling your own home! Over the course of your sale, it’s likely that you’ll be in contact with dozens of prospective, so it’s important to track their contact info, questions, wants and needs and to keep it organized. You can use our free Potential Buyer Log to simplify the process!

  5. Keep Buyers Updated:
    Be sure to keep your prospective buyers updated regarding changes to your home’s listing. For example, if you reduce your list price, let all your potential buyers know! Doing so can often lead to offers from buyers who were interested in your home, but felt your previous list price was more than they were comfortable paying.

By mastering organized buyer follow-up, you’ll increase your odds of getting more offers and will make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone involved!

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