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7 Reasons Why Selling a House in the Winter Is Actually a Good Idea

The Advantages of Selling a Home in the Winter

Spring and summer are synonymous with home selling season, and rightfully so for the sheer volume of homes sold. While fall and winter don’t get the same level of real estate activity, savvy homeowners should know the reason why selling a house in the winter has a number of distinct advantages.

Regardless of season, when selling your home, it’s crucially important to price your home correctly and get it in good shape. Having a good agent in your corner will help. We recommend our friends at Clever Real Estate. Clever is a free agent matching service that can pair you with top performing local agents who can help sell your home for a 1.5% listing fee!

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Advantages of Selling a House in the Winter

1. High Listing Prices

While it might seem counter intuitive, the statistics clearly show a higher average listing price during the winter months.

Motivated buyers, listing agents who are more adamant about pricing the property correctly, as well as potential fear for interest rates to rise in the spring, means that home sellers are getting more for their homes.

2. You Don’t Have to Sweat the Landscaping

During the winter months, curb appeal becomes less of an issue. If you don’t have your landscaping in top shape, it’s no longer the arduous and potentially costly task that it might have been. If there is snow, simply clear a path!

3. Tax Break Motivations

Winter home buyers might be motivated to get that tax break before year-end. Home buyers can write off some of the expenses of their home purchase, plus there are multiple tax benefits to owning a home that they can take advantage of as well.

4. The Internet Doesn’t Get Cold

The majority of buyers use the internet to start their home search. The instant access to listings that it affords means that buyers are constantly on the lookout for homes.

While it once would have meant less foot traffic, with over 95% of home buyers now searching online, the colder months no longer have the same impact on the home search.

5. Buyers Have Time Off

While the holidays can be hectic, many potential buyers have the majority of their vacation days booked for this season. Plus, they will be around family and friends who can help guide their decision.

6. The Buyers Are Serious

If a buyer is breaking away from the holidays to look at your home, they are normally more serious. Winter buyers are working against a deadline, whether it is a relocation, expiring lease or a contract on their current home, it means that they need to move.

One of the biggest months for corporate relocation is January, meaning that those buyers have a limited time to get their families moved.

7. Your Winter Home Sale Gets More Attention

In the spring and summer there tend to be more homes on the market, meaning you have to compete with other sellers for buyers’ attention. Less inventory means more attention for the properties that are for sale during this period of time.

While selling your house in the winter can be a good idea, the season alone isn’t going to sell your house for top dollar. To get the biggest price tag, you’ll want to work with a good agent. Clever can help. Clever is an agent-matching service that can pair you with several local, top-performing agents. You’ll pick the agent who has the best marketing strategy to help sell your home — and best of all, Clever only charges a 1.5% listing fee! There are no upfront costs or obligations to continue if you can’t find an agent you love.

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