Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

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Posted on September 18th, 2017

There’s something special about Southern California that sets it apart as a desirable area to live. Not only does the southern part of the state offer beautiful weather through most of the year, it also offers stunning sights and interesting activities. Since it is also an expensive state, retirees want to find the right areas to enjoy the beautiful area without over-spending and harming retirement plans.

  1. Santa Clarita
    If you want beautiful scenery and a small-town feel, then Santa Clarita is the city for your retirement goals. Not only does the area have beautiful views of distant mountains, it is a community-oriented city with a small-town atmosphere. It also offers housing options for seniors that are within a reasonable budget for retirees living in the area.

  2. Palm Springs

    Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

    Playing golf in a warm desert environment is the foundation of Palm Springs. The town offers relatively affordable homes when compared to other areas of Southern California, and the desert surroundings ensure a warm and comfortable retirement. Palm Springs also has an array of outdoor activities as well as interesting amenities that encourage lifelong learning through continuing education courses.

  3. Oceanside

    Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

    Looking for an area close to the beach, Oceanside is the perfect solution. The laid back city offers easy beach access and has some of the lowest beach side housing costs. In addition to enjoying the sand and surf, retirees can get involved in the tight-knit local community and enjoy interesting events throughout the year.

  4. Riverside

    Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

    Due to the close proximity of the University of California at Riverside, retirees can enjoy a wide array of interesting cultural activities and events – as well as reasonable housing prices. This area also has three large hospitals and several well-maintained assisted living facilities, which provide peace of mind.

  5. San Luis Obispo

    Top 5 Southern California Cities for Retirees

    Old world charm sets San Luis Obispo apart, and the quiet town offers beautiful and lush greenery for local residents to enjoy. The area has several senior housing complexes that are available for rent at a reasonable rate. San Luis Obispo can be the perfect solution for budget-conscious retiree looking to enjoy the beauty of Southern California without risking their financial security.

One of the biggest challenges of living in Southern California is finding the right balance of budget-friendly housing, location, and amenities. These cities offer excellent options for soon-to-be retirees!

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