Find an Agent Reviews: Is it Right for FSBO Sellers?

isoldmyhouse reviews | Service quality | Cost | Alternatives | Next steps is a nationwide real estate website that offers For Sale by Owner (FSBO) services to help homeowners sell their homes without a real estate agent. We recommend listing with them if you’re set on selling your home yourself. has two flat fee MLS packages. Its pricing is slightly higher than comparable FSBO companies but still reasonable.

The company doesn’t have many add-ons. So if you need something more, you should probably look elsewhere.

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Our rating4.2 reviews4.7
Service quality4.5
Ratings based on 1–5 scale, with 5 being the best. Learn more about our methodology.
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CompanyAverage rating
Google (60)4.7
BBB (28)4.64
Weighted average4.68
Show more customer reviews has great reviews, most mentioning how much cheaper it was compared to a traditional real estate agent. Reviewers also said the service was easy to use, with great customer service.

There were a small handful of negative reviews that mentioned issues listing a house on the local MLS. Some of the negative reviews were about the FSBO process in general. could be a great tool if you’re set on FSBO. If you want to leave the selling to the pros without paying a ton there are other options, like a discount real estate broker.

Service quality


  • Great basic services


  • Limited photos for lower-priced package
  • Six-month MLS listing offerings

Both of’s flat fee packages include listing on the local MLS and syndication on popular sites like Zillow and

The main difference between the two packages is the number of photos on the MLS listing. The lower-priced package includes 6–10 photos. And the most expensive package ($399) has the maximum number of photos allowed on the MLS. offers a six-month listing on the MLS. That’s much shorter than the yearlong listing most other flat fee MLS (FFMLS) services offer. But with both packages you can cancel your listing at any time, and all buyer leads will go directly to you. 

Because it’s an FFMLS company, you don’t have to pay a seller’s agent commission. But you will need to offer a buyer’s agent commission. recommends 2–3%, which is the average commission.



  • Transparent fee structure


  • Slightly higher price than competitors
  • Only two price tiers to choose from offers two packages for $299 and $399. Here’s how they compare: package breakdown
 Get Listed $299Get Sold $399
Recommended forSmall 1–2 bedroom homes where limited photos are neededMedium and large homes that need more photos to show the space
Number of photos6–10Max allowed
Professional flat fee MLS listing
Syndication on Zillow, Trulia,, etc.
No listing agent commission
Buyer leads forwarded to you
Cancel listing any time
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How’s prices compare charges a bit more than other comparable companies. But it’s easier to use and gets good reviews. So it might be worth paying a bit more if you want great service.

Additional fees

You might have to pay extra fees if your house is in a certain state. Here are the states that require additional fees:

  • Colorado
  • Georgia (Metro Atlanta and Chattanooga Valley)
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska

The range of the additional fees depends on the state, but it could be hundreds to thousands of dollars. And it might be a flat fee or a percentage of your home’s sale price. is very transparent about which states require extra fees and how much those fees are. And if you live in one of these states, the company requires you to check an acknowledgment box about the additional fees on the site before you pay. vs. top competitors

AvailabilityAvg. ratingFees
HomecoinCA, FL, GA, MI, MO, NY, NC, SC, TN, VA, WI4.9$95+
BeycomeAL, CA, CT, FL, GA, MN, NC, SC4.4$99–499 + 1%
Ratings based on 1–5 scale, with 5 being the best.
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Next steps is a good option if you’re set on selling your house yourself.

After the company lists your house on the MLS, you’ll need to evaluate offers, schedule showings and inspections, negotiate, accept and offer, close, and transfer ownership.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to do all that yourself, there are other options, like the low-commission real estate service Clever Real Estate.

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Our friends at Clever connect you with top-rated agents in your area who can sell your home fast AND offer low listing fees of just 1.5%.  The average seller who lists with Clever saves $7,000! 


We evaluated each flat fee MLS (FFMLS) and for sale by owner (FSBO) listing service based on three core criteria and created a weighted score:

Customer experience

Our evaluation:

  • Aggregated customer reviews from across the web and created a weighted average rating
  • Checked for complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  • Checked how easy the company app or portal was to use, and how easy it was to upload and manage the listing

Service quality

FFMLS companies should provide basic services, including:

  • Listing to your local MLS
  • Pushing listings to sites like Zillow and Trulia
  • Maximum number of photos
  • Unlimited free listing changes
  • Keeping a listing active until you cancel or close on your home

We noted add-on services that actually help you sell and manage your sale, like professional photography or an online dashboard. We didn’t give credit for fluffy offerings, such as video tours that are just photo montages or listings on Craigslist.


We compared pricing tiers for services with baseline national averages and other brands.

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