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Is PDX Movers A Good Choice?

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PDX Movers is a full-service moving and storage company in Tualatin, Oregon.

The company offers local and long-distance relocation services in the Portland area. We did a deep dive and found that PDX Movers is a decent option compared to other movers in the area. Here’s why.

Overall Score: 7.7/10

  • Value: 8/10 — PDX Movers’ rates are about average for the Portland area. Like most companies, the pricing depends on the distance of the move.
  • Customer experience: 7/10 — The company has excellent ratings across most review sites, but it does have two formal complaints within the last three years.
  • Credibility: 8/10 — PDX Movers is fully licensed, compliant, and insured. It also has zero complaints on the National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCD).

Bottom line: PDX Movers is a solid choice if you’re moving in or near Portland, Oregon. Its reviews on Google and Yelp are almost all positive.

It received two official complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, but the company responded to both and has an A+ rating.

PDX Movers’ rates are in line with local competitors. It’s honestly hard to tell if this company is the best choice for interstate or cross-country moves because the pricing varies so much.

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PDX Movers: In-depth Breakdown

Value: 8/10

We weren’t able to get a quote from PDX Movers, but according to the dozens of quotes we did receive the average cost for a local move is $1,396, while a long-distance move will average $6,017.

The actual cost of PDX Movers will depend on whether your move is local or long distance (more than 50 to 100 miles, according to the company). Like most movers, PDX Movers’ prices depend on how far you’re moving, how much stuff you’re moving, and what level of service you need.

For example, if you need help with packing and storage, you can pay PDX Movers more to handle it for you.

Just put in how many movers and trucks you think you’ll need and the company’s website will generate an estimate for the hourly rates. But if you want an official, accurate moving quote, you’ll need to call the company directly.

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Customer Experience: 7/10

Customers seem to have pretty good experiences with PDX Movers, based on its reviews.

PDX Movers has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google, based on nearly 600 reviews. It also has a 4.5 out of 5 Yelp rating.

The negative customer reviews about PDX Movers didn’t focus on any issue in particular. Most of them were typical of complaints for most review companies: damaged items, inaccurate estimates, and delays.

We found two formal complaints on BBB. But the company responded to both and has still kept its A+ rating.

Credibility: 8/10

PDX Movers is a credible and licensed moving and storage company. It’s registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and has active insurance.

The U.S. DOT records from the past two years show one nonfatal crash that didn’t require towing, which is typical for the industry.

We couldn’t find any formal complaints against PDX Movers in the National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB), so your stuff should be safe with this company.

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About PDX Movers

PDX Movers offers local and long-distance relocation services to or from the Portland, Oregon, area.

Headquarters Tualatin, Oregon
U.S. DOT # 2353055
Speciality Local and long-distance moves
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How We Researched

We reviewed PDX Movers based on customer reviews, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records, and other public information.

To rate value, customer experience, and credibility accurately, we also compared PDX Movers to other competitor moving companies.


Where is PDX Movers located?

PDX Movers is located in Tualatin, Oregon, and handles moves in the Portland area. Find out more about PDX Movers.

How do I contact PDX Movers?

You can call PDX Movers at (503) 746-8795 during regular business hours. You can also fill out an interest form at visit Find out more about PDX Movers.

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