What's a Broker Open House & Should I Have One?

By Home Bay

Posted on July 25th, 2016

A broker open house is an open house held during the week - typically on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. During this open house, local brokers are invited to tour open homes. The exact date and time for "broker tours" varies by city.

Holding a broker open will do no harm - but most showings today are driven by buyers rather than brokers. Buyers are looking on the internet to decide what homes they want to see and brokers have little influence over what homes are shown.

If you do hold a broker open, be prepared for brokers to try and convince you that you should list with them. Most brokers do not have a buyer for your home and they know that the only way they can earn money from your property is for you to list with them. That's why holding a broker open house can make you a target for soliciting new business.

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