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How to Market Your Home for Sale: 10 Tips To Get More Buyers

How to Market Your Home for Sale: 10 Tips To Get More Buyers

The better you market your home, the more money you will be able to sell it for. Why? Because more marketing equals better exposure, more showings, more offers, and ultimately, a higher sales price. So how do you maximize your marketing? Follow the 10 tips outlined below to optimize your listing exposure.

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Get your listing on the MLS

Step one is to get your listing published on the MLS. You can either hire an agent to help you do so or you can explore much more affordable for sale by owner (FSBO) options. Not only will this step help you get listed by popular real estate sites automatically, it’ll also help you get your listing on to dozens if not hundreds of local real estate and agent sites, giving you access to a huge database of buyers.

Promote your listing on mobile-friendly sites

According to NAR, 50% of all buyers in 2014 used their smartphones or tablets to search for homes. Of these mobile users, 27% reported they found the home they ended up buying using a mobile app. This stat is largely driven by the mobile apps the top real estate sites have put on the market. When choosing sites on which to list your home, make sure they have a complimentary mobile app for easy buyer access. All the most popular sites outlined above are mobile-optimized for ease of access.

Put up a sign

Prospective home buyers often like to drive through the neighborhoods they are interested in to look for “For Sale” signs. This technique can also pay off – as 9% of buyers (roughly 1 in 10) found the home they ended up purchasing in 2014 via a yard sign. In most areas, Home Bay provides a free yard sign to sellers who use our services.

Share on social media

Pew Research Center found in their 2014 report that 74% of adults use online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use your connections as a resource by posting your listing, open house dates and contact info. It could pay off big time, because in 2014, 8% of home buyers found the home they ultimately purchased through a social connection.

Price to excite

It’s common to see sellers price their home at the higher end of its’ value range only to be shocked at the low ball offers they receive (or sometimes, the complete lack of activity and offers). But why does this happen? Statistics show that the average homeowner overvalues their home by at least 8%. Knowing that, we encourage you to follow these steps to price your home accurately. In certain areas of the country, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, pricing low and creating competition amongst buyers is a great way to drive up the price.

Be available for showings

You want to make your home as easy as possible for buyers to view, so instead of scheduling showings around your work day, consider putting a lock box on the front door so interested buyers can stop by anytime to take a look at your property.

This option will make it much easier for a majority of buyers to view your home. 88% of buyers use an agent, so most of the buyers who would come through your lockbox would be accompanied. If a buyer is working without an agent, if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can schedule a showing when you’re home. If they’re interested enough, they’ll be willing to wait.

Make sure you have stellar listing photos

Buyers rely heavily on listing photos to form first impressions of your property. Make sure your main photo is a beautifully composed shot, typically at the front of your home. Also, be sure to spend extra time getting your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom shots just right, as buyers tend to put the most emphasis on these rooms. For best results, hire a professional.

Stage your space

Staging, decluttering, and depersonalizing your space can dramatically increase buyers’ perceived value of your house. When buyers look at a home, they want to picture themselves living there. Your family pictures can make that vision difficult. While you are marketing your home for sale, put these things in a box (which will be very convenient when it’s time to move). Also, make sure your home is clean and that each room has an obvious function. These steps will help buyers see the potential of the space.

Create curb appeal that wows

Homes with high curb appeal take less time to sell. Even more importantly, nicely landscaped properties demand higher prices. Having a beautiful front yard and entryway can literally add thousands of dollars of value to your home. We recommend you put a new coat of paint on the front door, make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape, trim shrubs and bushes, plant or pot fresh flowers, power wash your driveway, and make sure your mailbox is in good condition. Doing so will create a welcoming space that wows buyers.

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