3 Ways Real Estate Photographers Make Your Home Look Stunning

By Home Bay

Posted on October 16th, 2017

There are so many reasons to invest in professional listing photos. Study after study shows that professional photography helps to sell a home faster and for more money. And, pro photos help you attract more buyers to your listing and get them through your door. But what, exactly, can a pro photographer do that you can’t do yourself? Here are three ways real estate photographers make your home look stunning.


  1. They Use a Wide-Angle Lens
    Pro photographers know how to best photograph a room to maximize the appearance of space. Specifically, they can utilize a wide-angle lens to help even the smaller rooms (and closets!) in your home look more open and spacious. That’s something you simply can’t do with your smartphone camera.

  2. They Make Sure the Lighting is Perfect
    Lighting is extremely important when it comes to composing a great photo. A professional photographer will know the best time of day to photograph your home’s exterior and may bring along his or her own lighting to capture the interior of your home in a way that makes it look as warm and inviting as possible.

  3. They Know How to Compose Shots
    A pro photographer also knows exactly what shots to get in order to showcase your home’s best assets, like your grand entryway or an open-concept living area. They may also capture small details that you would have otherwise overlooked–and it’s those small details that can sell your home.

Bonus: Good Photos Attract More Buyers

The best part is, pro listing photos help you attract more buyers to your home. Have you ever done any online home shopping? If so, then you probably found that you were most drawn to the listings that had lots of high quality pictures, as these helped you get a better feel for the home itself.

Now you understand why professional listing photos are so important!

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