Affordable Pre-Sale Renovation Ideas Before Listing Your Home

By Alex Long

Posted on September 1st, 2022

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There are lots of home renovation posts that offer advice on what you should do to make your home sale-ready. However, many of them neglect to consider the cost involved with doing multiple updates in a short period of time. The easy and affordable pre-sale renovation ideas outlined below will help you increase your home’s marketability and attract qualified buyers without costing you a ton of time or money.

However, you also don't want to sink more money into pre-sale renovations than needed. If you're unsure about what you should and shouldn't fix, a real estate agent who knows your neighborhood can help.

For example, if the neighborhood is attracting cash buyers, you may not need to fix that much. But if your neighborhood attracts a lot of buyers with FHA or VA loans, then you'll want to be sure your home will pass inspection.

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1. Clean Up Your Landscaping

Your landscaping has a big impact on a buyer’s first impression of your home. To make sure it’s a good one, remove any weeds and plant new shrubs, flowers, or even trees if necessary.

Plants are affordable, and updating your landscaping is a quick way to give your home a major face lift.

2. Update the Lighting

Many young buyers prefer modern home styles. If your home feels a little dated, replacing older light fixtures is an easy way to give it a more modern feel.

Focus on updating the most visible rooms in the house, like the dining area or living room. Be sure to check clearance sections at home improvement stores for great deals.

3. Paint

Fresh paint makes a house feel new, and even the best can of paint plus primer costs less than forty bucks – so it’s an easy upgrade that’s well worth the effort. To appeal to the largest possible buyer audience, be sure to paint in any rooms that currently have bright or unique colors on the walls. When you pick out your palate, opt for neutral colors like taupe, beige, gray, or white. can help you with your painting projects. Book a tasker now!

4. Deep Clean Your Entire Home

Regardless of what other improvements you tackle, make sure you don’t skip a good, old fashioned deep cleaning. You can do it yourself or you can hire a company to come in and scrub. Either way, potential buyers will notice and appreciate your efforts.

5. Refresh Your Flooring

Taking out old or damaged flooring and replacing it with something new doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are lots of affordable options, like faux wood vinyl or laminate, that bring the project down to a manageable cost. Be sure to check multiple sellers to find the best price. If carpet is more common or desirable in your area, check local warehouses for closeout prices.

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6. Examine Your Bathroom

Take a look at what stands out in your bathroom as old or outdated. If it’s your toilet and sink faucet, replace them. If it’s your bathtub, replace it. If you’re replacing a water feature, consider installing low-flow or water-saving options if they fit into your budget. If your vanity is super outdated, install an inexpensive upgrade or sand, paint, and refinish the cupboards, and install new hardware to give it a modern look.

7. Paint or Replace Your Front Door

Some buyers will drive right by your house if they don’t like what they see on the outside, which is why your curb appeal plays an important role in your home sale. Paint or replace your front door and set up some flower pots near the entry to make sure your home is appealing, inside and out.

Once you have renovated your home, stage it, and take high-resolution photos to add to your listing so you can show off all your hard work!

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