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Watch for 7 Revealing Signs a House Showing Went Well

Watch for 7 Revealing Signs a House Showing Went Well

When you’re selling your own home, it can be nerve wracking to watch buyers walk through your property. How can you tell if they’re just checking it out to satisfy their curiosity or if they are serious enough to make an offer? What are the signs a house showing went well? This post will explain seven things to watch for that indicate a buyer is highly interested in your home.

How to Spot Signs a House Showing Went Well

1. Watch Their Eyes

If you notice a potential buyer’s eyes moving around the room as they stand still, that’s a good sign! They may be imagining how they’d place their furniture.

2. Note Which Rooms They Focus On

Serious prospects tend to gravitate toward the kitchen because it’s typically considered one of the most important rooms in the house. A second visit to the kitchen or extended time spent in the space can be a good sign.

3. Pay Attention to Body Language

If you have a couple touring your property, chances are they’ve discussed exactly what they’re looking for at great length. If you notice them standing close together and see that their expressions appear to be positive, there’s a good chance they’re both excited about your space.

4. Get Excited If They Talk About Furniture Placement

House hunters who really like a space will often begin to talk about where to place things in their future home, like the Christmas tree or dog bed. Listen for these conversations to spot interested buyers.

5. Take Note of Holiday Talk

It’s a great sign if discussion turns to how family gatherings will be handled or if their existing dining room table would look good in the space. It means your potential buyers are envisioning their future in your home.

6. Be Optimistic If They Talk About Future Upgrades

If a prospect begins to talk about planned changes to the house, it’s a sign that they’ve mentally already taken possession of the space and is considering how to personalize it. Keep your ears on alert for mentions of what color to paint, how to update the kitchen or other mentions of home improvement projects.

7. Observe How Hastily or Carefully Buyers Examine the Home

People look around houses differently when they are seriously considering making an offer than they do if they’re just browsing. Look for behavior like opening up cabinets, looking in the closets and meticulously inspecting every room. Attention to small details usually means the buyer is serious about the property.

If multiple things on this list are happening simultaneously, there’s a pretty good chance that an offer is forthcoming. However, keep in mind that you may not see all of these behaviors from a single prospect. Each potential buyer will gravitate to the things that are most important to them. For example, a buyer who doesn’t do a lot of cooking may not be nearly as interested in the kitchen as a someone who considers themselves a culinary connoisseur.

Once you’re in tune with signals that a buyer is serious, it’ll be much easier to differentiate the could-be-buyers from the lookie-loos. When you sense that someone is ready to make an offer or is leaning in that direction, make sure you ask them if they’re ready to move forward. Catching buyers at the height of their interest greatly improves your chances of selling your home quickly.

Bring in Serious Buyers From the Get-Go

When you sell without a realtor, identifying serious buyers can be tough. You may waste hours of your time entertaining buyers who aren’t qualified or ready to buy. Working with an experienced realtor can save you that time and stress by bringing in serious buyers and handling home showings for you.

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