Homeowner Hacks: 5 IKEA Hacks You'll Wish You Saw Sooner

By Alex Long

Posted on October 4th, 2022
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Do you, like millions of other Americans, love IKEA? Who can resist their sleek and modern designs and innovative product releases? When you add in the fact that IKEA makes it affordable to furnish your new home, the Swedish home goods retailer is a winner.

Here are some tips on how to spruce up your home with affordable products from IKEA:

1. Add copper chic to your kitchen

Love the look of copper in your kitchen? This IKEA hack has you covered! Start with their Ottava pendant lights, add copper spray paint and — voila! — your kitchen is both functional and trendy.

2. Build your own built-in bookcase

Built-in bookcases look seamless and add great character to a room. Because they’re customized, though, the price can be more than you budgeted for. Instead, combine multiple units of IKEA’s Billy bookcases to cover the chosen wall. Add matching crown molding and a solid baseboard for a look-alike style that is impossible to detect.

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3. Make a chic cupboard

Start with IKEA’s Besta shelf unit — available in black or white to match your decor — and top it with a wood panel that has been stained to match your flooring or other wooden accents in the room. The result is a floating cupboard that’s both convenient and chic. Best of all, it doesn’t empty your wallet.

4. Makeover a desk

The trestle desk from IKEA is a modern classic all on its own. Its sleek black legs contrast well with the white table top. Adding a luxe touch is as simple as using inexpensive contact paper. While patterns like marble and stone add a classic look, consider experimenting with your favorites for a truly personalized look.

5. Dress up planters

Plants are a lovely way to bring nature indoors. If you don’t like the look of your indoor planters — or you want to dress up the ones you currently use — you’ll love this IKEA hack. Head to the store’s fabric area and choose your favorite material.

Make sure it’s one with some heft like Minna, a textured raw cotton. Sew them into a simple shape that can be easily slipped over your current planters. Use fabric paint to add stripes and bring a refreshing splash of color to the room.

Which of the above hacks will you be trying soon? Be sure to share your results!

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