Homeowner Hacks: Childproofing Your Home

By Home Bay

Posted on November 24th, 2017

Childproofing your home can be a daunting and expensive task, but there are a few easy things you can do to make your home safer without breaking the bank. From smart storage solutions to affordable furniture padding, keep reading to learn what simple steps you can take to make your home safe for your little ones.


  • Keep Cabinets Closed
    If your baby is just big enough to start pulling on cupboard doors, you can use thick rubber bands to keep them securely closed. Once your kiddo gets a little bigger, you may want to upgrade to interior latches, but this is a quick, cheap, easy fix for curious crawlers.

  • Quick Fix for Outlets
    Use duck tape to cover outlets if you haven’t had a chance to buy plug covers yet. Install it snugly to make sure it’s not easy for nimble fingers to pull off.

  • Anti-Slip Solution
    Have a rug on your tile floor that needs to be held in place? Use rubber matting, often used to line kitchen cabinet cupboards! It’s cheap and is as effective as anti-slip rug treatments.

  • Baby Gate Alternative
    Pet gates can get the job done just as well as a baby gate but are often cheaper. If you need multiple gates to block off rooms, this can be an affordable way to get your hands on some.

  • Secure Window Treatment Cords
    Blind cords are tempting for curious minds and hands. Use a twist tie to secure them up high. It will keep them out of reach but will make it easy for you to let them down when you want to adjust the window covering.

  • Soften Sharp Corners
    Have sharp corner tables that your little one will inevitably bonk their head on? Slice into a pool noodle or buy affordable foam pipe insulation at your local home improvement store. Install the foam snugly on your table to make it owie free for cheap as can be. Tennis balls also work great to protect against sharp corners.

  • Temporarily Cover Your Fireplace
    Curious toddler? Cover the front of your fireplace with a chalkboard, magnet board, or whiteboard. Not only will your kiddo not be able to investigate what’s inside, but they’ll also have a fun toy to play with that will keep them occupied for hours!

  • Easily Sanitize Toys
    Yep – you read that right! You can safely wash most plastic toys that don’t contain batteries on the top shelf of your dishwasher. It will save you time and will ensure that your kiddos toys are fully sanitized. Just be careful not to wash toys with an opening that allow water to get stuck inside, as trapped water can cause mold.

Child safety in your home starts with appropriate childproofing solutions. You want to cover sharp corners and limit access to cabinets. By keeping items away from young children and softening the corners or sharp edges of your furniture, you reduce the risk of children getting hurt in the home.

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