Don't Let Bad Listing Photos Cost You Money

By Home Bay

Posted on April 19th, 2015

Everyone knows a picture is worth 1000 words – but did you know that listing photos are actually worth 5000 words, each one influencing whether a buyer will (or won’t) purchase your home?

It’s true! And with a majority of buyers searching for their next home online, the quality and quantity of your listing photos is a thousand times more important than it was back in the days of newspaper ads and listing books.


Bad Listing Photos Can Cost You Money

When a potential buyer sees your listing, the first thing that’ll catch their eye is your primary photo. In Michael Seller’s study, Toward an Understanding of Real Estate Homebuyer Internet Search Behavior, he concluded, “… the photo is overwhelmingly viewed first.”

If your photo fails to capture the buyer’s interest, they won’t hesitate to move on to the next listing. And if that happens, you just lost a buyer lead. For all practical purposes, every buyer lead that engages with your listing is worth money, so if you find yourself losing lots of potential buyers due to the quality of your photos, you’re literally losing money.

On the contrary, if you post a beautiful photo that intrigues your potential buyer, they’re going to click on it to learn more about your property.

Professional Photos Can Pay Off Big Time at Closing

When you’re selling your home, potential buyers have to determine the perceived value of your property based on photos alone. Poorly lit, blurry or badly composed photos can dramatically reduce their opinion of the value of your property, turning buyers off or causing them to write off your listing price because they deem it too high.

Unfortunately, taking high quality listing photos is not as simple as pulling out your camera phone and clicking away. Great photos take planning, setup and proper execution. Most importantly, wide angle lenses and standing flashes are necessary to make rooms look big and bright. For this reason, we highly encourage you to hire a professional real estate photographer to take these pictures for you. In our experience, sellers almost never do as well as a professional photographer can.

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