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72Sold Reviews: Is it Worth it for Sellers?


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We don’t recommend 72Sold, a real estate company that promises to sell your home in eight days or less and for a higher price than a traditional sale.

Our analysis of 72Sold reviews and its service reveals several concerns about the company’s aggressive sales strategy. Many discount brokers and cash buyers are better options to help you sell your home fast and for a competitive price.

72Sold at a glance

Our rating3.5
72Sold reviews4.8
Service quality3.0
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What Is 72Sold?

72Sold is a real estate company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona real estate broker Greg Hague founded 72Sold in 2018. He also founded 72Sold’s parent company, Hague Partners.

72Sold’s network of affiliated real estate agents sells homes in 38 U.S. markets. The company also formed a strategic partnership with the real estate brokerage Keller Williams in 2022, meaning you can sell using 72Sold’s program nationwide.

72Sold could be good for sellers who want to sell their house fast using an aggressive strategy. It helps if it’s a seller’s market and your home is in good condition.

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Sellers looking to make the most on their sales might not always do so with 72Sold, despite the company’s promises. A fast sale doesn’t always result in the best price. 72Sold also doesn’t offer discounts on real estate agent commissions, as do companies like Clever Real Estate.

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72Sold reviews

CompanyAverage rating
Google (2,058 reviews)4.9
Better Business Bureau (none)n/a
Yelp (7 reviews)4.5
Weighted average4.8
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72Sold reviews are largely positive. However, according to the artificial intelligence-based tool we use to analyze online reviews, only 38% of the reviews were from actual 72Sold customers. More than half of 72Sold’s reviews (52%) came from company employees or realtor partners.

The lion’s share of the positive 72Sold reviews is from Keller Williams realtors who partnered with 72Sold. Realtors claim 72Sold gives sellers a “white glove” and “VIP” experience. Common themes include higher listing prices for sellers and speedy deals.

Many negative 72Sold reviews originate from unhappy customers. Sellers complain about a lack of communication or no-shows from the 72Sold team after inquiring about selling their homes. Others don’t appreciate pushy approaches from 72Sold agents, including sales-y pitches and persistent text messages and calls.

A couple of sellers cried foul on 72Sold’s marketing strategy. They accuse the company of practicing false advertising on pricing and not delivering on what they promise.

Customers who left negative reviews say their listing agent asked to remove them.

Is 72Sold a scam?

No, 72Sold isn’t a scam. It’s a real company founded in 2018. It operates under its parent company, Hague Partners.

72Sold is a partner of Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count and sales volume. It’s also a partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball team.

Service quality


  • Sell your home quickly
  • Work with agents from major brokerages like Keller Williams
  • No need to prepare your home for open house showings


  • May not get the true value of your property in a rushed situation
  • No opportunity to showcase your home to more potential buyers via an open house
  • Lower chance of offers if your property needs upgrades

72Sold’s services can be better than working with a traditional agent if you want to sell your home fast, but whether that’s true for you depends on your local market and the real estate market in general.

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72Sold claims it can sell your house in eight days or less, which is fast for some markets. But that could be an average amount of time for other markets, or during a seller’s market. For instance, according to Zillow data, homes in Columbus, Ohio, sell within eight days. In Denver, houses sell in nine days.

72Sold also stands out if you want to eliminate the potential inconvenience of multiple showings and open houses. The company typically only shows the house for a limited time. With a traditional agent, you may need to show your house multiple times.

A potential downside of 72Sold’s approach is that you may not reach the same amount of potential buyers as you would with a traditional agent and sales process.

72Sold’s approach could make you feel rushed or taken advantage of compared to traditional real estate brokers. On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry to sell and don’t mind an approach that isn’t built on open houses or showings, 72Sold may work for you.

🤔Why is it named 72Sold?

72Sold’s name derives from its original promise to sell your home within 72 hours. During Covid, when the real estate market was hot, 72Sold would limit showings to one day, creating a heightened sense of urgency that led to competition to buy the house.

The company reassessed its position and moved to an eight-day window as interest rates rose and the market changed.

How Does 72Sold Work?

72Sold promises to sell your home in eight days or less by compressing the traditional home sales model. Essentially it’s a traditional home sale with a limited window for buyers to see the property. Here’s how 72Sold works.

  • Enter your address and a few details about your home on the 72Sold website. 
  • Get a suggested sales price based on the information you submitted, as well as 72Sold’s own resources.  
  • Get a visit from a 72Sold agent, who’ll walk your property and finalize the asking price.
  • 72Sold’s agent creates a marketing plan much as a traditional agent does.
  • 72Sold uses limited showings and open houses to create a sense of urgency  instead of following the more open-ended process of a traditional sale. 

72Sold says its process removes the “inconvenience” and “uncertainty” of selling your home.

Ultimately, you have better options than 72Sold, such as using a discount real estate agent that will save you money on commission.

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72Sold costs

You’ll pay the listing agent and the buyer’s agent a combined 5%-6% of the closing price, which is the typical range of commission when you sell with a real estate agent. You’ll pay less commission using a discount broker, usually about 4%-4.5% combined.

Clever Real Estate, for instance, will list your home for a 1.5% listing fee, plus the 2.5%-3% for the buyer’s agent commission.

72Sold claims it can sell your home for 8.4%-12% higher than it would sell with a traditional agent. However, these sales figures come from studies done in 2020-22 during an entirely different housing market. So 72Sold may not get you the same return in the current market.

Alternatives to 72Sold

We don’t recommend 72Sold. If you want to sell quickly or for the most money, discount real estate agents and cash buyers are better alternatives.

CostHome sale priceAverage days on market
Discount real estate agent4–4.5%100% of listing priceDepends on the market. In May 2023, the median days on the market in the U.S. was 43.
Cash buyer0%50%–70% of market valueAround 7 days
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Discount real estate agent 

Discount real estate agents and 72Sold’s agents provide full service. But while 72Sold’s agents work for the traditional 2.5%–3% listing fee, discount real estate agents work for just 1%–2%.

Discount agents also won’t limit how long your home stays on the market. Unlike with 72Sold, which may take your listing down if you don’t get immediate offers.

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Cash buyer

Cash buyers will buy your house quickly. The transaction also doesn’t include a seller’s agent commission. However, cash buyers usually make low-ball offers. Expect a cash buyer to pay 50%–70% of your home’s market value.

If you want top-dollar for your home, you’re better off selling with an agent.

If your home has significant issues and you’re interested in selling your home as-is, though, you may want to choose the cash-buyer option. 

Next steps

If you want to sell your home for top dollar and save on commission, skip 72Sold and consider working with a low-commission agent.

Try Clever Real Estate, which can match you with top agents near you. You’ll get a full-service agent who can help you sell quickly, and you’ll pay less on commissions.


  • We analyzed reviews with an Artificial Intelligence tool that has a 95% accuracy rate. It identified which reviews come from company employees or realtor partners. We found that out of 1,896 customer reviews, only 38% were from actual customers. 
  • We checked for complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We checked how easy the company app or portal was to use, and how easy it was to upload and manage the listing.
  • We compared the cost with baseline national averages and other brands.

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