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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House? (Tips for Selling Fast!)

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⏱️ How long does it take to sell a house? ⏱️
In 2021, the average house sold after just 22 days, according to the U.S. News and World Report.
That said — it really depends on your local market! For example, homes in Columbus are selling in just 8 days, while homes in Albany and Milwaukee require nearly 29 days, according to the most recent Zillow data.
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If you’re selling your home, you should plan to wait approximately 20-30 days before securing a winning offer.

Once you accept an offer, you’ll have to go through the closing process, which takes an additional 30-45 days.

However, the exact time it takes to sell a house depends on a complex variety of factors, including:

  • Your location
  • The type of property, such as an apartment, single family home, or mansion
  • How the local real estate market is trending
  • How effectively your home is marketed
  • Seasonal patterns in real estate

While there will always be curveballs you can’t predict or factor into your timeline, a qualified real estate agent can help you have realistic expectations for your sale.

A good agent can also help you come up with a strategy that meets your goals — such as selling quickly or earning the most from your sale.

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Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Understand Local Market Trends

Recent local home sales are generally the best indicator of how long your home will take to sell.

In a seller’s market, a limited supply of homes mean that listings tend to go fast. But if you’re in a buyer’s market, you should expect your home to sit on the market a bit longer before finding a buyer.

Most real estate agents offer a free comparative market analysis (known as a CMA or “comps”) that will forecast your home sale timeline, based on comparable properties that have sold recently.

If you don’t have an agent yet, and Zillow provide free, publicly available data that will tell you the average number of days homes are on the market throughout the country.

List Your Home During Peak Real Estate Season

March and April are currently the best months to sell a house — but peak real estate season lasts from spring through September, when school is in session again.

Listing your home during the warmer months will give you the best chance of finding a buyer fast. Plus, higher demand could even drive up the price by creating a bidding war!

Allow Time to Prepare Your Home

It’s always a good idea to spend some time getting your home market-ready.

Depending on your home’s age and condition, this could include:

  • Decluttering and deep cleaning
  • Repainting
  • Refreshing your landscaping to add curb appeal
  • Staging your home
  • Renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or other space

A qualified real estate agent can tell you which preparations will actually help your home stand out to buyers in your local market.

For example, if the comps reveal that your home is the only one in your neighborhood with a kitchen from 1999, a renovation could catch buyers’ attention.

These preparations could take anywhere from a few hours to a few months, so you should adjust your expectations accordingly.

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