How to Estimate an Effective Home Sale Timeline

By Home Bay

Posted on September 9th, 2016

How long will it take to sell your home? The answer varies based on where you live, the type of property you have, what the local real estate market is like, how much you promote your listing and so on. While there will always be time elements you can’t predict or factor into your timeline, there are also a number of things you can use to determine an accurate home sale timeline. Read on to learn what they are.


Consider the Average Selling Time in Your Area:

To see the best indicator of how long your home will take to sell, look to other recent sales in the area. Do research on the average amount of time homes sit on the market in your neighborhood and be sure to single out homes that are similar to yours. tracks the average number of days homes are in the market throughout the country. You can also see listed to sold timelines on Zillow and other popular real estate sites.

You can also request a free Time on Market estimate from the real estate experts at Home Bay.

Factor in Time for Planned Home Improvements:

Sit down, make a list and estimate how long it will take to complete each home improvement you have planned. Then, add several days to a week of cushion time depending on the intensity of your projects, because things rarely go exactly as planned. If you don’t have any major repairs to do and you’re just interested in sprucing up your home, you can just schedule in a few days to repaint, clean up your landscaping, do a little staging and so on. Once you have estimated how long you need for repairs, add that number to the average length of time houses sit on the market, and that’s an indicator of how long it’s going to take to sell your home.

Timing the Listing Right:

Now, that you’ve got a reasonable idea of how long it will take to sell your home, you have to decide when you want to list it. If you know the average listing time for similar homes in your area is sixty days and you need one month for repairs, you’ll want to allot 90-100 days to the sale process. While it’s rare to have too much time to sell, it’s common to not allot enough time, so always err on the side of padding your timeline.

Look to local real estate market trends and consider which time of year will be best for you. Have questions or want some help? Request a free listing consultation!

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