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Houwzer Reviews: Everything You Need to Know


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Houwzer is a discount real estate brokerage that operates in seven markets across Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you’re selling your home outside these areas, Houwzer can’t help you.

For a 1% listing fee, sellers get their property listed on the local multiple listing service (MLS) and are matched with an in-house, licensed agent to help manage their sale. 

Houwzer’s service mimics the traditional real estate agent experience. However, you still may need to do some paperwork. 

If you’re new to the real estate market or require additional support, especially with the closing, we recommend choosing another option.

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Houwzer at a glance

Our rating4.3/5
Houwzer reviews4.7
Service quality4.2
Ratings based on 1–5 scale, with 5 being the best. Learn more about our methodology.
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Houwzer reviews

CompanyAverage rating
Google (381 reviews)4.8
BBB (1 complaint) N/A 
Yelp (44 reviews)4
Weighted average  4.7
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The majority of Houwzer customer reviews are generally positive, with some negative reviews. 

Customers appreciate Houwzer’s 1% listing commission model, which allows them to save thousands of dollars. One reviewer shares that she saved over $10,000 using Houwzer’s service. 

Other customers praise the quality of Houwzer’s service package, which includes professional photos, a video of the listing, and a four-day turnaround on posting the MLS listing. 

Customers have mixed feelings about Houwzer’s customer service.

  • One first-time seller shares that she was surprised she could remain in the driver’s seat during the transaction — with agent support — and go from her first showing to the closing in less than three months. Other customers describe Houwzer’s agents as helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.
  • Conversely, other customers describe Houwzer’s agents as unresponsive and unprofessional at the worst possible time — the closing. One customer reports that she worked with three different agents, resulting in limited communication and disappointing results. 

The listing price of their properties disappointed some customers. Multiple sellers feel as though Houwzer’s agents low-balled the price of their homes, causing them to switch to other agents mid-deal for a better outcome. Houwzer agents work on salary, so some reviewers claim an agent’s conflict of interest causes them to price houses inaccurately. 

Most customers appreciate the efficient user experience of Houwzer’s platform. Many reviewers describe the mobile app as user-friendly, while other mobile users comment that customer service leaves something to be desired. 

Houwzer service quality


  • Access to licensed agents who support the selling process
  • A pro photography session for your MLS listing
  • An online dashboard to monitor your listing


  • Less personalized support from your agent(s)
  • Only 25 pro photos allowed vs. the MLS listing max
  • Only available in seven markets on the East Coast

Houwzer doesn’t meet our standard service quality requirements for a discount real estate brokerage.

While Houwzer offers 25 professional photos for your listing, several discount real estate companies, such as Clever, offer the maximum amount an MLS will allow. More photos to showcase your property potentially mean more interested parties. 

However, Houwzer’s package does offer a coveted MLS listing and access to a team of licensed agents. Listings are syndicated to 66 sites, including Zillow, Trulia, and Houwzer also distributes targeted mailers to potential buyers in the area.

Houwzer offers the following services in its home-selling package: 

  • A listing on the local MLS 
  • Up to 25 professional HD images 
  • A 360° virtual tour 
  • Targeted mailers sent to potential buyers in the area
  • An online dashboard to monitor your listing
  • Access to an online support team and a logistics coordinator

In addition to paying the 1% listing commission, you may also need to pay the 2-3% buyer’s commission fee to incentivize buyer agents to show your home. 

» LEARN: Why Should Sellers Pay Buyer’s Agent Commission? 

Houwzer does offer some nice-to-have services. Houwzer’s online dashboard allows customers to monitor the progress of their listing. This feature helps the seller stay organized and informed as offers come in. 

Additionally, Houwzer’s support team handles much of the logistics, such as hanging for sale signs and even negotiating offers when the time comes. This additional service goes a long way for first-time sellers who may struggle to navigate all the deal dynamics, such as an all-cash offer vs. a mortgage. 

Houwzer’s biggest drawback is the inconsistent quality of its licensed agents. 

The quality of service you receive from Houwzer really comes down to your assigned agent(s). While some customers report excellent service, others report miscommunication, poor support, and low-ball offers.

How much does Houwzer cost?


  • Multiple services included at a low cost
  • On average, Houwzer listings settle above industry average


  • For 1% commission, you may not get a hands-on agent
  • Potential low-ball pricing

Houwzer charges a 1% listing fee, regardless of the final sale price. The property is listed on the local MLS and published on other leading real estate sites. Remember that Houwzer only operates in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Whether or not Houwzer is a good value for you depends on a couple of factors, such as the level of service you receive and your property’s selling price. 

Traditional real estate commission fees vs. approximate Houzwer savings

Selling priceTotal real estate commission* Savings with Houwzer’s 1% commission (approx.) 
* Based on average total commission of 5.37%: 2.72% listing fee and 2.65% for buyer’s agent commission.
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Keep in mind that Houwzer’s agents earn a salary, not a percentage of the sale price of the property, like most traditional agents. A Houwzer agent could consciously or subconsciously price your property lower than its market value so it has a better chance of selling. This could undercut the seller. Some customers mention this conflict of interest in their reviews. 

Houwzer’s MLS package vs. competitors

Company Home Bay Rating Listing Fee Availability
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Next steps

If you’re new to the real estate market or need more hands-on support, we recommend exploring low-commission real estate brands, such as Clever. 

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We evaluated each discount brokerage based on three core criteria and created a weighted score:

Customer experience

Our evaluation:

  • Aggregated customer reviews from across the web and created a weighted average rating
  • Checked for complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  • Checked how easy the company app or portal was to use, and how easy it was to upload and manage the listing.

Service quality

Discount brokerages should provide basic services, including:

  • Experienced local agents
  • Multiple agents to choose from
  • Personalized, full-service support

We noted add-on services that actually help you sell and manage your sale, like professional photography or an online dashboard. 


We compared pricing with baseline national averages and other brands.

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