What it REALLY costs to sell a house

By Home Bay

Posted on July 14th, 2016

You know selling a house costs money, but how much? What fees are you going to be responsible for? How much do they cost?


First, let's take a look at a few minor fees that sellers are responsible for by default in most home sales. Keep in mind, all these things are negotiable in your real estate contract.

Minor Fees

  • Natural Hazard Disclosure Report

    What it is: This report tells the buyer if the home lies within a zone that has a high risk of natural hazards, including floods, earthquake, and fire.

    What it Costs: Typically $125

  • Buyer Home Warranty

    What it Is: A home warranty is a deductible-based repair and replacement plan for buyers that covers items not typically covered by homeowners insurance, like appliances.

    What it Costs: Typically ranges from $400-$500

  • Termite Inspection, Remediation or Repairs

    What it is: An inspection will be performed to identify any termite issues. If repairs or treatment are needed, the seller typically pays. If the buyer wants preventative treatments done, those are typically their responsibility.

    What it costs:
    The cost of an inspection is typically inexpensive, ranging from $50 to $150. Some termite companies even offer a free inspection. Remediation and repair costs vary by company and by the severity of the problem - but on average, it typically ranges from $300-$850. If tenting is required, it gets much more expensive.

Other Fees

While you can count on the above fees being part of the total cost of your home sale, there are a number of additional fees that vary significantly based on your location, the type of loan your buyers are planning to use and so on. Here's a list of additional fees that will give you an idea of total cost.

Want More Details? Request a Free Cost Estimate

Answering this question via a blog post is not possible without knowing more about your sale. Specifically, we would need you to provide us with the following:

  1. Your projected final sales price;
  2. What buyer agent commission you are offering;
  3. Your city and county (which determine who pays escrow and title costs and what your real estate transfer taxes will be);
  4. Whether you have a homeowners association (which determines whether you have HOA transfer and document fees).

Send an email to info@homebay.com with the subject line Net Sheet. Be sure to include your property address and the four items mentioned above. We'll create a net sheet that shows you the probable costs of your transaction. In most cases, our reply will be sent in one business day.

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