Interior Design Trends: Beautiful Backsplash Options

By Home Bay

Posted on October 9th, 2017

Kitchen backsplashes were originally designed to protect the paint near kitchen work spaces from splatters and spills. However, nowadays they have evolved into an important design statement. Here are a few of the trendiest options for your kitchen backsplash.


  • Subway Tile
    There’s a reason that subway tiles have been around for decades. This look is one that is completely timeless, especially if you choose a neutral color. These rectangular tiles debuted in the New York subway system in the early 1900s, and it didn’t take long for this tiling style to catch on with homeowners because of durability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance. While white subway tiles are classic look, if you’re the adventurous type, you can add a pop of a trendy color in a neutral or all-white kitchen by installing brightly colored subway tiles.

  • Metal
    While metal backsplashes may make you think of cold, industrial, stainless steel kitchens, there are other options. Manufacturers have created options that are stylish, warm, and appealing. You can buy metal backsplashes in sheets of tin, stainless steel or copper. Most options are embossed with an attractive pattern, and all are easy to install. You can also use metal tiles to add more interest. Some designers even intermingle metal tiles with traditional ceramic, glass, or stone tiles to create interesting effects.

  • Glass Tile
    Sleek and elegant, glass tiles work well with many styles of kitchen decor. These tiles offer superb gloss and shine for a kitchen that glows with light. You can find glass tiles in traditional rectangular subway style or other interesting shapes. A popular backsplash pattern features tiny one inch squares of glass tiles in several coordinating colors. However, you can find glass tiles in many shapes and patterns.

  • Stone
    There are several different options for stone backsplashes – all of which create a warm, rich, elegant look. Geometric stone tiles are available in myriad colors, shapes and sizes and work with a wide variety of home styles. Additionally, you can find stone tiles that mimic the natural look of stacked stone in your kitchen. Alternately, if you prefer, you can find a stone backsplash that features tiny pebbles in a random pattern.

  • Wood
    A wood backsplash can be painted or left natural and can sometimes be made of reclaimed wood. Cottage style homes may prefer a painted wooden backsplash featuring horizontal or vertical boards with a glossy coat finish. The advantage to this style is that it can be repainted if you want to change the look of the kitchen. You can also can glue bits of reclaimed wood to a mesh in order to make tiles that can be fitted on the wall, or you can also install ceramic tiles that mimic the appearance of wood for ease of cleaning.

Adding a backsplash is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add instant style to your kitchen. This project can be an inexpensive, do-it-yourself project, or you can spend a little more for a more extravagant look. Either way, a backsplash is a small thing that can make a big difference to your kitchen decor.

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