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The Most Popular Paint Colors Are All About Tranquility

The Most Popular Paint Colors for 2022 Are All About Tranquility

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Looking for inspiration on what colors to use for your next home makeover? Then consider these top paint colors for The top pairing companies in the world have decided on soothing interior hues for 2022 β€” a fitting answer to the exterior chaos of 2021.

Expect lots of cool colors, grays and greens for these popular paint colors for 2022. Only one company went against the grain and delivered something more “meta” for 2022 β€” and it’s definitely not for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for some living room color ideas, new great kitchen paint colors or inspiration for accent wall colors, these interior paint colors are some of the best for 2022.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Room?

If one of these popular 2022 paint colors caught your eye and you want to paint a room, here’s how much you can expect to pay a professional according to data sourced by HomeAdvisor.

Room Square Feet Avg. Price Range
🚽 Bathroom 70 $150-$300
πŸ›Œ Bedroom 120 $300-$750
🍴 Kitchen 160 $300-$750
πŸ“Ί Living room 330 $900-$2,000
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If you’re dealing with high-end paint, expect these costs to increase. These price ranges are averages and will fluctuate by location, so be sure to compare quotes from two to three painters in your area.

🌞 What’s Light Reflectance Value?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is simply how much light a paint reflects on a 0-100 scale. Black reflects no light and has a reflectance value of 0, while white reflects all light and has a reflectance value of 100.

Pro Tip: You can use the LRV to get an idea of what paints you should and shouldn’t use. In general, the lower the LRVs, the more natural light you’ll need.

For example, dark colors with low LRVs need a good amount of light, or it’ll be too difficult to make out the paint’s true color. Instead, use lighter colors with high LRVs in rooms that don’t get much natural light.

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Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022: October Mist

πŸ’° Price per Gallon: $49-$90

πŸ’‘ LRV: 46.54

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist for its color of the year. It’s a silvery-green color that is meant to serve as a backstop for “every design style.”

Which makes sense. October Mist isn’t a bold, colorful paint that pops. It’s a muted hue that blends in but creates a pleasing, calming tone that could be a perfect idea for a living room paint color.

October Mist has an LRV of 46.54, which means it will look best in rooms with a good amount of light.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2022: Evergreen Fog

πŸ’° Price per Gallon: $67-$111

πŸ’‘ LRV: 30

Sherwin-Williams’ pick for 2022 color of the year is Evergreen Fog. It’s a pleasing, organic green-gray color that would make for a great home office color.

Evergreen Fog pairs with other organic colors like Sherwin-Williams’ Shoji Whiteand Uber Umber. Wood and wicker furniture would also pair great with this soothing, green-meets-gray color.

Behr Color of the Year 2022: Breezeway

πŸ’° Price per Gallon: $29-$65

πŸ’‘ LRV: 66

Breezeway is Behr’s choice for color of the year 2022. Like October Mist, Breezeway is green with silver undertones, but brighter. The color is meant to evoke beachy feelingsβ€” it’s described as “sea glass green” β€” and evoke tranquil emotions.

Breezeway should be a popular kitchen color for 2022. Its pale green shade would go remarkably well with pale- and white-hued kitchens.

In fact, Sherwin-Williams’ 2016 Color of the Year, Alabaster, would be a great pairing.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri

πŸ’°Price per Gallon: N/A

πŸ’‘ LRV: 15

Pantone went against the grays and greens of the competition with its “digital meets physical” electric periwinkle purple. Very Peri is a color that’s meant to represent the technological world of the metaverse.

This color is certainly not something you’d want to decorate an entire room with, but using it as an accent color for a panel or to bring a bland built-in cabinet to life can make a drab room sing. Very Peri pairs with pink, beige, orange, and rose reds.

However, Pantone doesn’t sell paint. It’s more of a trendsetter on developing and matching colors for fashion and graphic design. If you want to buy a gallon of Very Peri, you’ll need to go to a third party color-matching company like MyPerfectColor, which can mix some Very Peri for $90 a gallon plus a $65 batch production fee.

Glidden Color of the Year 2022: Guacamole

πŸ’° Price per Gallon: $18-$40

πŸ’‘ LRV: 51

Glidden’s Guacamole is a fun, organic green that brings a soothing touch. It would be great for a home office, bedroom or accent color.

Guacamole would do best with light wood tones, blacks and golds. Add some plants and you’ll have your very own indoor Zen space.

If you’re looking to add a peaceful color to a room in your home but don’t want to deal with the mess, hire a professional β€” just be sure to compare quotes first. HomeAdvisor can help you find professional several painters near you so you can compare quotes and hand pick the one you want to work with.

Graham and Brown Color of the Year 2022: Breathe

πŸ’° Price per Gallon: $90-$105

πŸ’‘ LRV: N/A

Graham and Brown’s Breathe is a mid blue color that works to either brighten up a room or cool it off. Pair it with whites and grays to make a happier space or add darker colors to create a mellow vibe.

Graham and Brown’s head of design Maryanne Cartwright told House Beautiful the company chose this soothing color “due to the importance of self care” and that it “invokes a cool calmness in almost any room creating a space for reflection.”

Valspar’s Colors of the Year of 2022

Valspar didn’t choose just one color of the year, they chose 12.

  • Grey Suit by Valspar: If you can’t get enough of the greenish-gray trends of 2022, check out Valspar’s Grey Suit. Described as “dependable and reliable,” Grey Suit is warm gray with touches of red undertones that pairs well with natural materials.
  • Blanched Thyme: A calming natural green that pairs well with warm tones.
  • Gilded Linen: A neutral, minimalist white.
  • Delighted Moon: A warm yellow good for play or crafts rooms.
  • Lilac Lane: A mellow light bubblegum pink.
  • Mountain River: A deep, dark blue.
  • Orchid Ash: A cool, very light blue that brings a beachy look to the kitchen.
  • Subtle Peach: A calming peach that’s a great idea for bathrooms.
  • Rustic Oak: A woodsy tone that’s a throwback to the 1970s postmodern movement.
  • Sunset Curtains: A neutral peachy cream tone that pairs well with brass colors.
  • Country Charm: A light, warm yellow that pairs with wood accents.
  • Fired Earth: A dark charcoal that works for exterior spaces and intimate interior rooms.

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FAQs About the Most Popular Paint Colors for 2022

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2022?

Behr’s Breezeway is a great choice for a new kitchen cabinet color that pairs remarkably well with white kitchens. Glidden’s Guacamole can also be a good choice for homeowners who want a bit of mellow green in their kitchen.

What is the most popular wall color for 2022?

Experts have chosen soothing, tranquil colors to paint your interiors for 2022. Examples include Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog, Graham and Brown’s Breathe, and Behr’s Breezeway . See more paint colors

What are the popular paint colors for 2022?

Popular paint colors for 2022 include: Benjamin Moore’s October Mist, Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog, Behr’s Breezeway, Pantone’s Very Peri, Glidden’s Guacamole, and Valspar’s Grey Suit. See more of the most popular paint colors for 2022!

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