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Everything You Need to Know About Motivated Movers

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Motivated Movers is a moving franchise that covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. Its 12 locations focus on local residential moves, but Motivated Movers can move your home or business to almost anywhere in the U.S.

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Value: 6/10

Motivated Movers offers standard moving services without discounts or freebies. Expect costs in line with its competitors.

Customer experience: 8/10

Most Motivated Movers locations get excellent reviews. Some get lower reviews on Yelp, though, so you’ll want to see how your local franchise rates.

Credibility: 9/10

Motivated Movers’ licensing and insurance look good and current. We didn’t spot any obvious safety issues.

Bottom line: While we recommend checking reviews of your local Motivated Movers franchise, it’s a good moving company overall. It gets no formal complaints and few bad reviews, which elevates it above similarly priced moving companies.

Still, we suggest finding a moving company through a reputable broker. A broker can give you advice based on your unique needs and can often help you get the best rates.

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Motivated Movers vs. the Competition

Motivated Movers Armstrong Relocation Mayflower Moving
Overall score 7.6



Value 6



Customer experience 8



Credibility 9



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We prefer Motivated Movers to larger companies like Armstrong Relocation and Mayflower Moving, thanks to its better customer reviews and lack of formal complaints.

If you’re making a move across state lines, though, you might prefer Mayflower Moving, which specializes in long-distance moves. In some cases, your local Armstrong Relocation may have better reviews than your local Motivated Movers.

Motivated Movers: In-depth Breakdown


📊 Our rating: 6/10

  • Motivated Movers has average prices and doesn’t seem to offer many ways to save.
  • Your final quote is likely to be more than the quick quote that only includes your move date and location.
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You’ll get standard value for your dollar with Motivated Movers.

Local quoteLong-distance quote
Motivated Movers$1,276$6,650
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*Based on over 50 moving companies we contacted for quotes.

Your exact moving cost with Motivated Movers will depend on your home size, move date, and other factors.

Motivated Movers offers two ways to get a quote:

  • A quick quote, which only requires your move date and move locations
  • A detailed quote, which relies on your home size, house contents, if you want packing services, and more

Motivated Movers doesn’t offer any special discounts. If you want to save, pack everything yourself instead of getting a coupon.

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Customer Experience

📊 Our rating: 8/10

  • Most Motivated Movers locations have great customer reviews, but there are a few exceptions.
  • Check reviews for your local Motivated Movers franchise before booking.
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Motivated Movers mostly gets excellent reviews.

Motivated Movers is a franchise so each location is independently owned. The typical experience at Motivated Movers Huntsville, AL, may not reflect the typical experience at Motivated Movers Daphne, AL. For example, the Panama City, FL, location earns 2.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp, while other locations, such as Motivated Movers Nashville, earn 4 or more stars on Yelp.

That said, all Motivated Movers get great reviews on Google― anywhere between 4.6 and 4.8 stars out of 5. Most customers say positive things about their movers’ work ethic, professionalism, and speed. They also say the company has great customer service, with fast quotes and excellent communication.

The bad reviews focus on item damage ― unfortunate, but no different than other movers. The one exception? The Panama City location gets a few complaints about no-shows, rude managers, and missing items.

In other words, pay attention to reviews for your local Motivated Movers.


📊 Our rating: 9/10

  • Motivated Movers checks all the legal boxes ― there aren’t any red flags.
  • We didn’t find any formal complaints against the company in public records.
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Motivated Movers has proper registration and insurance.

Several Motivated Movers franchises are registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), including the Motivated Movers in Birmingham, AL, and Daphne, AL, and in Woodstock, GA. (Only movers operating across state lines must register with the U.S. DOT.)

According to the U.S. DOT, the Birmingham, Daphne, and Woodstock locations all have active insurance and no safety red flags. Plus, none of these Motivated Movers locations have formal consumer complaints against them ― which is more than most moving companies can say.

Likewise, the different locations appear to have proper licensing with their respective states.

About Motivated Movers

Motivated Movers operates 12 locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. It offers full-service moving and packing for local and long-distance relocations. Motivated Movers is a franchise, so each location is independently owned and operated.

Headquarters Pelham, AL
U.S. DOT # 2083342 (varies by location)
Speciality Local moves
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How We Researched

We dug into U.S. DOT records and customer reviews for several Motivated Movers’ franchises. We analyzed its safety, insurance, and licensing history, and we found trends in customer experiences. We then compared our data on Motivated Movers to our data on dozens of other moving companies.

Learn more about Home Bay’s editorial policy.


What services does Motivated Movers Birmingham offer?

Motivated Movers Birmingham (technically in Pelham, AL) offers packing, loading and unloading, hauling, and more for residences and business. Read our full review of Motivated Movers.

How is Motivated Movers rated?

Overall, Motivated Movers earns very good ratings (more than 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google), though some locations rate better than others. Learn more.

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