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7 Homeowner Blogs for Advice, Inspiration, and Practical Tips

7 Homeowner Blogs for Advice

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Looking for no-nonsense advice on how to buy, sell, repair, save money, decorate, invest or learn basic maintenance fixes? Chances are good you can find a blog post that will tell you exactly what you need to know. Here are some of our favorites homeowner blogs and why you should visit them.


You may have used HomeAdvisor to find contractors and compare quotes, but the business also has extremely handy “True Cost” guides which detail exactly how much it will cost for a renovation or remodel. From installing countertops to installing a garage door or even just mounting a flat screen TV, HomeAdvisor is a great place to go during your pre-planning project phase.

Home Bay

Home Bay offers a plethora of helpful homeowner and would-be-homeowner blog content. Check out some of our topics:

We also have some in-depth research on the best and worse places to live, how extreme weather is affecting real estate, and how much real estate agents really make. Home Bay is updated daily, so come back often.

The Redesign Habit

Who doesn’t love to save money? This homeowner blog is dedicated to talking about ways to improve your home without breaking your budget. Learn about affordable DIY home projects like how to redo your kitchen and bathroom countertops for less than $100 and wallet-friendly ways to give a room in your house a mini-makeover.

The Redesign habit also provides info on interior design basics, including posts on topics like how to pick the perfect paint color.

Bob Villa made a name for himself on “This Old House” and various other DIY television shows. Now, he owns a website full of helpful DIY ideas for homeowners. mainly focuses on home maintenance and repair, like seasonal DIY projects and even how-to’s about growing vegetables in your garden.

With posts on green living, health and safety topics, interior and exterior project ideas and yard care tips, it’s perfect for new homeowners and do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels.


Houzz is a visual blog that will inspire you with redesign ideas. Houzz’s visual blog is comprised of thousands of images from architects, designers, and crafty homeowners. This homeowner blog has inspirational photos for virtually every area on the inside and outside of your house.

If you’re looking for a place to find redesign inspiration, browsing Houzz’s photos can keep you occupied for hours.


This Ohio-based online magazine is a constant delight. You’ll find advice ranging from how to keep deer from munching on your landscape to recipes for luscious holiday desserts. There’s also some great before and after features for bathrooms and kitchens. The photography is amazing too. What’s not to love?


A smorgasbord of all that is related to homes, homemaking, home design, gardens, food, real estate and travel, is a must-visit destination. You can even watch selected videos and explore the full lineup (as well as the back stories) of favorite HGTV shows and stars.

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